Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Aaron's email 4/16/13

Dear Family!! 

thanks for the pictures of the party! it looks like it was a blast!! and thank you for all that you do!! Yep, the video was from the Teemsma's dinner the other night, surprisingly, both Bro and Sis Teemsma have april birthdays and so does one of their daughters! i hope you are feeling better Mom!! and living with the Pettit's is great! it's defintiely an adjustment from being in an apartment for a while, but it's nice being in a home again, it's got a very different feel than an apartment that's for sure and the Pettit's are great people too! Alex is home?? holy smokes!! when is his homecoming? and Mal and Haley are going to be the two best missionaries out there! well, Mal is already out, but as soon as Haley gets out there they'll be the dynamic duo! haha 

alrighty i have some intense updates for you!

so, Xavier is doing super well!!! seriously this kid is stoked on the Gospel and is running with it, sprinting with it! i want to explain the details of what happened in one of our lessons last week. so we started in the lesson and probably about 5 minutes in realized that X didn't really have an understanding of who God is, so we began to talk about the Godhead and we asked "do you know that God is real?" he replied "i can't say that i know, but i believe" hello!! Elder Holland's talk!! we said "that's all you need!" and we began talking about his prayers and that he can know for himself if God is there and if this is true, all he has to do is ask and he'll recieve answers, and then we asked how he expects to receive his answer and he said "i'm expecting some type of sign" and so we moved into the Holy Ghost and X said "don't say ghost, ghosts scare me, say Spirit" haha and as we were talking about the Holy Spirit he stopped us suddenly and said "do you feel that?? it just went through me! i feel it! do you?" and he began to get emotional and could not describe how he felt but he said "man that's my sign, i know now, i'm gonna go to church every sunday, i'm gonna go on a mission!" amazing!! Xavier recieved his own personal witness that Heavenly Father is there and lives and loves him and that what we were teaching him is true!! it was such a powerful lesson! and we also took him to the Mormon Batallion the other night and watched Joseph Smith: prophet of the restoration with him and he really liked it. he believes that Joseph was called to be a prophet and asked a lot of questions and understands it really well. 

We also took Jason, a LA whom we met just last week to the Mormon Batallion as well and he brought his Girlfriend Michelle with him and we took the tour, they loved it! we asked if they had a couple minutes and we had a brief lesson with them and found that Michelle is interested in learning and Jason, after many years of innactivity is ready to come back to church, especially that he now has sundays off! it was such a cool experience!

that's about it for my brief updates for this week! i hope you all know how much i love and care about you and hope that this week brings many smiles and know that i know that Christ lives, He is our Savior and He directs the work! He will truly fill our mouths if we will but open them! speaking of, how are things going in the ward?? well, until next time!
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd