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Aaron's mail October 30, 2012

Dear Family,
It's great to hear from you!! and for starters, Mal is going to be an INCREDIBLE missionary, and i know that there are people in Fort Worth who's lives will be changed by her sincere heartfelt testimony of this Gospel and I'm very excited for her!! an to answer some of your questions dad, i played alright, had some decend drives and putts but you know that's my weakness is my short game but everything inside of 5 feet goes in right? "look and shoot" as you would say. Mission Trails is an 18 hole course with two very different 9's, the fron is very hilly and interesting while the back is very open and flatter than the front. i was two shots behind Elder Dehlin after our 18 and we all played pretty decent and yes, we all had a blast!:) oh and the clubs we borrowed from some members in the Del Cerro ward, and not too shabby, i played with an older set of taylormade burners and Elder Tueller was playing with titillest. thanks for the info on your project1 i hope and pray that it continues to go well! i know that as you continue to pray and seek those opportunities for the 1st, which is approaching, that it will be placed in your path, whether at the store, or on a walk around the block, i promise that if you will open your mouth it will be filled and i promise you as well mom, that as you continue to do everything that you can in your efforts to share the gospel, Heaven Father will bless you with miracles in your life, of that i can testify! it also sounds like the McDougal's funeral was a solemn but not sorrowful occasion, i had the opportunity to meet him and i do know how wonderful he is, just in my few interactions with him he radiated with the spirit and he was filled with the Joy that this gospel brings and it truly affected everyone around him, it made others happy as well. i think i have their address, i should be getting a letter off to them in the next little while.
Quick question/story, so i've always been left eye dominate and my right eye has not been able to see very far distances, but more recently just trying to see street signs with just my right eye, my version of a lay man's eye test, it's really difficult trying to see the street signs, and when we were in our apartment for the past few days i've conducted some more and just with the calendar on our wall i'm unable to make out what month it is haha so i was wondering 1-if i should possibly get an eye test and 2-if it so happens that i may need some correction, do we have eye insurance? because if not, i promise you i can still see and i will just get tested later.
alrighty time for the updates of the week!!
this past week was an awesome one! we saw so many miracles and had so many wonderful experiences, we were just able to somehow (when i really know it was not just 'somehow' but by the spirit) able to be in the right places at just the right times. OH! to follow up, Mike did not end up keep our appointment for friday but we did get his number and he is willing to reschedule!
We had a stellar lesson with Noah last week, he is doing so well! he continues to love reading the Book of Mormon and asked us "if there are any specific stories, or passages that  you feel might benefit me, what might those be?" never before have i had someone ask me such an inspired, thought provoking question, the feeling became very solemn as we listened to the promptings of the spirit and came to the story of King Lamoni's father as an example that before he knew what the gospel had to offer, he, in fear of his life was willing to give half his kingdom. when he started to learn the Gospel and the wonderful gift that it is and he changed, he was willing to give everything, even all his sins to know God and receive eternal life. we asked Noah what stood out and sacrifice stood out to him, that he was willing to give everything for it and we related this to his family, to whom he would sacrifice anything for and he knows and understands the sacrifices that he'll make for the Gospel but he is willing to make them. What a miracle and blessing!
We also had a great lesson with Bro. Jolly about the Book of Mormon last night, all about the "why" of the Book of Mormon and we were able to testify that it truly is the keystone of our religion, everything either stands or it falls with the Book of Mormon and we come to know it's true, by how we feel. He is excited to read from its pages and he feels like he's on the right path and sees the changes, but maybe not from our point of view, because in the time that we've been teaching him, he's made leaps and bounds! He loves gospel principles, and is going to start attending elders quorum as well, please keep he and Noah in your prayers this week!
we also started teaching Linda, who met with missionaries over a year and a half ago, but life got in the way and she became "busy" and when we came to her door she said to us "you know, it's interesting that you should show up at my door just now" because both Elder Tueller and I had recieved the prompting we needed to see her. she then explained to us how her day went and as such on a normal day she would not be home right when she was, and we just happend to knock right when she was thinking about the church. i testify there are no coincidences! She asked us some wonderful questions and we were able to teach her the Restoration of the Gospel and by answering some questions some parts of the Plan of Salvation, she invited us back this friday to continue to teach the Gospel- amazing miracle!
We also  started to teach Geoff, now Geoff has been through a lot in the past couple months and some good friends, who are member's of our ward, pointed him out to us and he invited us in and we were able to teach and testify of the Plan of Salvation and of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how he can know that things have happened for a reason, he accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and committed to read Alma 7 and we'll be going back on thursday, what miracles!
 I know that this is the Lord's work, i know that He lives and He love us and knows each and every one of us and knows our needs and can and will help us through as we rely on Him and His Atoning sacrifice for us. This Gospel is true and was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith and we have a living prophet, Presiden Thomas S. Monson whom i also sustain and follow. I love each and every one of you and hope you have an incredible week, please share your experiences with sharing the gospel!
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd
dad-that's great to hear about your family as well it's good to hear they are doing well and still progressing! who else is doing well in the ward?

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Picture comparison from 1st and 2nd companionship

Aaron's email 10/23/12

Dear Family,
I hope all is going well for you, i didn't hear from you this morning so i am assuming you all are super busy and that's great!! a little side note for dad, Elder Tueller, Dehlin, and Hill and I will be playing 18 holes today at Mission Trails Golf Course :) first 18, and i'm looking forward to it! that's why you'll see a withdrawl on my account, it's for today, and we are very excited!! We had interviews with our mission president this week and that went well! Hope things at home are well and that the project is going well, and oh, a sister in my district is from Midway, so she was wondering where abouts your project is out there? and i hope your class is behaving today as well! I guess i'll just get right into updates for the week! By the way Elder Tueller is feeling much better!! Oh dad! i wanted to follow up with you and your goals, any cool experiences you would like to share, and are you praying daily for those opportunities? and your baptism as well, how were they found? how are they doing now? are you in charge of the New Member Lessons? and for all, does anyone else have their date they would like to share?
I will start with Noah,
Holy smokes family! It is such an incredible, humbling experience to teach and be a part of Noah's life! He is such an amazing person! When we followed up with his reading in the Book of Mormon he had read just about 10 chapters! and he said "i was a little distracted when i was reading so i'm not sure if i got fully what the Lord wanted to teach me, so i plan on going back over those and really focusing on them" wow!! and he testified to us of the changes and the power that the Book of Mormon has brought into his life, in his own words he said to us "if you would have asked me 3 months ago if there was a God, i'd tell you no way, about a month ago, i'd tell you there was a chance, but since meeting with you and reading the Book of Mormon, i'll tell you i know without a doubt that God is real" what an incredibly humbling thing to hear, and to know that truly is the power that is in the Book of Mormon. That did not come from Elder Tueller nor myself, it came from the Spirit to Noah, by his desires and his acting on those desires. We had a really good conversation with Noah about the Word of Wisdom and some of his concerns and my companion testified of the Temple and testified to that conference talk of "would you sell your soul for a nickel?" but in different terms. Noah's family has seriously noticed a difference in his life, his brother Miley called his wife Allie (a less-active member) and asked her "what's with this Nephi stuff? is he really serious about the church?" Miley being a convert himself is now speaking to his brother everyday about the church. Noah has started to post passages of scripture that stand out to him on facebook and he is helping his friend in Oklahoma back to the Gospel, back to the path that leads to eternal life, what an incredible man! and Allie also testified that we came into their lives at "just the right time" and we know that there are no such thing as coincidences, and they know that as well and what an amazing family they are! We'll be seeing them again this wednesday and so i'll keep you posted!
On to Tom!
Tom was taught by missionaries over a year and a half ago, and Elder Brown and i stopped by to see how he was doing to start teaching him the gospel once again, we had our first lesson with him, then transferrs happened, and Elder Tueller and I went by with Bro Coleman from the ward for our next appointment and when we began Tom said "i know i had a reading assignment and i've got to tell you, i looked everywhere for that Book of Mormon that i said i had in the house but i couldn't find it! so wednesday i went to the church building a knocked but no one was there, so i tried again today a little before you came and no one was there either, so i wasn't able to read that passage you left me" we all looked at one another in shock and asked "Tom, you went to the church building looking for a Book of Mormon??" to which he replied "well yes, i thought that would be the place to get one, if any" and i pulled a copy out of my backpack and said "well, Tom, here ya go" and he looked at me and smiled and said "why thank you" and after our lesson we invited him to church and he accepted and we promised there would be people there this time haha and there were and he made it to church this week! what an incredible experience!! Miracles have happened this week!
last night was a cool experience too, a reaffirmation to "follow a prompting without delay" as we learn from Pres Monson. it was later in the evening and i had the thought to drive by a part-member family's home to see if there were any signs of life, when i parked off on the side of the road i looked at the clock and said within myself "it's 8:30, is it too late?" to which i received the strongest feeling of "go to that door!" and i said "Elder, we gotta go" haha so we went and were able to speak with Mike, he is not a member of our church but he has met with missionaries before and he said life just got busy and after getting to know him and talking a little bit, we set an appointment for this friday at 7, i'll follow up! what a blessing the gift of the Holy Ghost is, i know that Heavenly Father knows his children and He will let us know! of this i so testify!
I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

Aaron's Email 10/16/2012

Dear Family,
Dad you sly dog you!!! getting the name of my ward mission leader!! haha it was great when he handed me a bag with socks, candy and a letter in it haha what a surprise! bro newton asked me "do you know Richard Cook?
" haha i said, "yes. . . why?" and then he proceeds to hand me a bag full of goodies. I do think it's great that everyone wants to see me but we all have to be obedient out here so that the blessings from the Lord will not be hindered. as for the shoes? they are toast haha, the Bostonians from Costco are no more, i had to retire them, but my ecco's are still in great condition so I'll be alright:) So news about the transfer!! I have my new companion, Elder Tueller, who i served with in PQ and in transfer meeting President Clayton said "Elder Tueller stand up, your new companion and the new zone leader is Elder Lloyd and your area will be Del Cerro" what a surprise that was! I am super humbled once again with this opportunity to serve in the San Diego East Zone and to go with that, we now have a car in Del Cerro, a serious blessing! Now we are able to see everyone in the outskirts of our area that Elder brown and i were not able to reach on our bikes. Sad news, the day that Elder Tueller and i became companions, he started not to feel too well, he woke up the next morning with a sore throat, and body aches, we checked out his throat, and sure enough, red with white and yellow spots. . . strep. So the past week has been one of rest, i gotta tell ya my apartment has never been cleaner haha probably because i've gotten just a tad stir crazy haha but we were still able to see a few people and teach a few lessons this week so that was great! yes, he is on antibiotics so all is well:) congrats on the baptism!! they sound like a great family! and a wonderful addition to the ward family! yes, it can be very difficult for Recent Converts, they are beginning a new life, and new language, new culture and new everything so keep them strong! so my updates are few but they are miracles!
Karen sadly flew back to Oregon this weekend, but we were able to have two lessons with her this past week and reading with her from the Book of Mormon has been treat! When we first started reading with her it was hard for her to understand what she was reading (new language) but as the week went by she became more fluid in her pronounciation, she comprehended and connected more with what she was reading, she began to feel that what she was reading was true, what an incredible journey she has started! How blessed i am and was to be able to help her begin that journey with a few simple steps and a few simple tools that will help her to keep on that path that will lead to eternal life. She prayed at the end of every lesson and when we asked about her individual prayers she said "they are an incredible experience, i feel so good when i pray" my hope and prayer is that we will be able to get her connected with the Church up in Oregon.
Noah, we had an appointment on friday and when we followed up with reading he said to us "ever since you guys left last time i just had to pick up the book" he read through 1 nephi 4 and, he shared with us a few scriptures that stood out to him, he said that he posted some on facebook because they meant so much to him. He was also able to call his brother, who was baptized at age 18 and hear his story and about how he came to know how that the church was true, and much like Noah, it all started with the Book of Mormon. we were able to teach the Restoration of the Gospel and he invited us back for this friday and when we invited him to continue reading he paused, he looked Elder Tueller and I in the eye and said "of course, of course i will" i honestly got the chills the spirit was so strong, and he said he's had incredible experiences so far so why wouldn't he keep reading? what a blessing it is to be able to be a part of this the Lord's work, i know He lives and i know its true!
well that's it for this week, so it's nothing too exciting or lengthy, but hopefully i will stay healthy this week! haha don't worry i wash my hands like crazy! i love you all so much and i hope you have a fantastic week! I'll keep you all and keep ash in prayers as well.
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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Oct 9, 2012 picture "Need new shoes"

Looks like the "Super Glue" in the background isn't working!

Aaron's email October 9, 2012

Hello  Family!!
Holy smokes General Conference was amazing!!! and it's probably a good thing that i wasn't able to see Austin, for that is against the rules haha but that's exciting that they are down here!! I definitely know the missionary age change is truly inspired because i truly felt it when he spoke, i felt the spirit confirm what our beloved prophet spoke by inspiration. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a living prophet on the earth today. I loved his talk as well, all about prayer and feeling and recongnizing the Holy Ghost. and we must "never postpone a prompting" -that's what i loved! we all have had those promptings in our lives and He is speaking to us to help and bless the lives of others. He knows what's best. oh and about the District, that's a mini series that BYUtv made and we as missionaries use clips from their teaching called The District 2 for our training out here in the field. They all were home before i left on my mission but i did have the opportunity to meet Elder Moreno in the MTC, they are all fantastic missionaries and we learn a lot from their examples. that's a funny story about Nolie, i'm sorry but that's great that she's talking and that she loves papa haha oh what a cute little girl.
So dad has set his date for sharing and preparing someone to hear the Gospel, i know that as you continue to pray daily and pray with that faith that that person will be brought into your life, you will have those promptings of the spirit to "go help that person" or "i should talk to this person" all those "thougts" come from the spirit. He tells us in our minds and in our hearts and He will help you in your efforts. Has anyone else set a date? i know that as your pray for inspiration for a date, Heavenly Father will help you and when you've set that date, to act! As we've learned we have to observe then serve, we have to do something right? put our shoulders to the wheel!
We got to watch the sunday morning session at the Jolly's and Bro. Jolly is doing really well, he loved conference and love Elder Holland's talk, he really connected with it and we had a lesson with him after the session and invited him to be baptized and we were able to get his concern about baptism and we'll continue to work with him and help him to overcome those concerns. But i do know that he's feeling the spirit each and every day of his life and that God's hand is in his life and i hope and pray that he'll be able to overcome his concerns.
Karen is doing well too! she's been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and each time she prays she says that she feels really good, and we read 3 nephi 11 with her and talked about why we are to be baptized and the blessings that come from it and she is praying to know if baptism before she leaves san diego is right, we're doing everything we can to get her stoked to take these habits that we're introducing and tools that she's been given to take back to Oregon and continue learning in the Gospel.
Oh! so a few weeks ago, we were given a list of Relief Society Sisters that our RS pres gave to us that she did not know, and we were able to stop by one sister Etherton, and this was the 3rd time we'd stopped by and she was home! she opened the door and said "hey elders come on in, meet my husband" and we talked to her husband that half his family is LDS, and he accepted the invitation to take the lessons and we're going by on friday! and guess what? he loves to golf! yes!! haha but he is an incredible man.
Ah so it's transfer day tomorrow and we found that Elder Brown is getting transferred tomorrow so i will be getting a new companion tomorrow so sorry this is so short but he's got to get everything packed and prepared! i hope you all know how much i love you and care about you! i'll keep you in my prayers!
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

Aaron's email October 2, 2012

Dear Family,
So!! First off, i guess i should start off with an apology for probably causing you a mini hear attack!! i promise that i'll never forget your birthday ever again mom, this experience solidified that!! haha ok i'll tell you the story. last week for preparation today elder brown and i went golfing with elder hill and elder dehlin at Admiral Baker, a navy golf course in our area and it was great fun!! But, at the 8th hole i had to drive one into the weeds. . .and so i went looking for it and as i was venturing into the wilderness of san diego's tropical weeds, i found my ball! it was a miracle! so as i went and grabed for my ball. . . STAB! the fron of a palm tree stuck my index finger! (not those soft palm leaves you think of, this was a short, fat, prickly palm) and as i went to pull the fron out of my finger. . . it broke! so i had a palm needle stuck in my finger and i tried to get it out but it wouldn't budge!! so i played out the round and finished with 9 fingers and then i had President clayton take a look at it and he tried to unearth the "foriegn body" with a 21 gauge needle and tweezers and he couldn't get it, he found it was too deep so we had to go to the urgent care. which is where the phone call came in. . . again i apologize, but the doctor took a look at it, injected a local numbing solution, and according to elder brown "went to town on my finger" digging and tweezing and prying and finally. . . he got it! i forgot to take pictures but it was pretty big! and then he cleaned it out and put me on some anti-biotics for skin and nail infection. so there you have it, and who says golfing isn't a dangerous sport?? haha well that's the adventure of the week now i'll get to some updates for you!
first follow up time! has anyone picked a date yet?? i hope so and i hope and pray that you call down the powers of heaven for help in your efforts to share the gospel with someone that He has placed in your life.
updates!! really quick! Bro Jolly is doing really well! He is excited for conference and we'll be going over to his house for the sunday sessions. We had a lesson with him last night, and OH! he wore a tie to church on sunday, which was a first so the ward was shocked! but our lesson we had planned to talk about the word of wisdom, but as we were talking and asking questions, we found out that he needed to go over the power of prayer, and he expressed to us that he feels like he needs to pray more, and to get into the habit so we taught and testified and it was super awesome! Then we went immediately over to the fjellstead's to have a lesson with their granddaughter Karen and we read from the Book of Mormon with her and i have to say, the scriptures, especially the Book of Mormon are the word of God. Even though Karen did not fully understand what we read with her, she was reminded of an experience that she had when she saw God's hand in her life and she was taught by the spirit, and like 2 ne 31:3, our heavenly father will teach us to our understanding, what an incredible experience!! We were also able to see Matt and Ashley this week on exchanges as well, and we helped start them on the Book of Mormon and get them reading. This week has been full of incredible experiences and miracles, what a blessing it is to serve here in the del cerro ward with elder Brown. Sorry i'm out of time but i hope you all know how much i love you and hope you have an incredible week!!
until next time,
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

Aaron's email September 25, 2012

dearest family,
It's so wonderful to hear from you! I will admit i am very excited, yet a tad fill with jealous rage (sarcasm;) ) that Adam will be heading out to the Ryder Cup tomorrow, that will be an incredible experience! Mom, i hope that you will continue to become healthy and strong and i keep you in my prayers every day! Dad, i havent' heard from ya in a while but i'm assuming that's because work is booming, so that's great! well i have quite a few humbling and incredible experiences to share with you this week, but mom, perhaps when you send your next package, (which there's no rush!!) could i possibly have some socks sent out? both church socks and white socks for excersize? again i emphasize, no rush haha
well, time for some updates!!
I'll start off with Jordan. On sunday morning about 9:30 am we recieve a phone call from a bro. mamode, a recent convert of about 3 years and he tells us "Elders, my niece is turning 12 and has been asking about church, so i figured i would take her to her ward because she lives close to the church building, she has been with me before and recently has been wanting to get involved more and more, and by the way i would like to have her get baptized". . . holy smokes!! again, another one of these experiences when my legs turn to jello and i have just enough strength to pick my jaw up off the ground we said "sure bro, mamode, we'll be waiting for you and we look forward to getting to know jordan as well". sure enough, they came to church on sunday and she stayed for all 3 hours and she had a good experience! We were able to stop by yesterday and meet her family, her mother and father are not too interested in the gospel at this point in their lives, but they are completely supportive of their daughter and her decisions. We hope to have them involved with the lessons at their neighbors home (because jordan is really good friends with their kids, the Lapu'aho's). and THEN we were walking back to our apartment and our YW president pulls up and asks "elders, i forgot to get Jordan's info on sunday, do you know if she'd like to start coming to activities and so we gave her their info and then this morning we get a text from Bro. mamode saying "elders thanks for following up with my sister, Jordan is excited to go to the activity tomorrow, and please send my thanks to your YW president as well" WHAT A MIRACLE!!!! i am so incredibly lucky to be a  part of this work! i am humbled each and every day by what happens.
Now on to Bro. Jolly, we were able to teach him the Plan of Salvation last week and again the spirit was super strong and he's been listening to truman g madsen cd's on the prophets and loves it, he loves the history, he loves everything about the gospel, he feels like everything that has happened to him in his life has prepared him to be where he is right now. flash forward to sunday, we start talking to him after Gospel Principles and he says "now i'll talk to you two about this when we get together, but for the past little while i've been having these dreams. . .(what went through my mind was this is either really good, or really bad). . .dreams where i'm just trying to get home, and for whatever reason, something always gets in my way and i can't get home and back to my family"--i think it goes without saying that we definitely know what we will talking about with bro. jolly this week. MIRACLE!
and now for Karen. We've been trying to work with the Fjellstead's in our ward because their granddaughter karen is with them for just a few more weeks while she's interning with her grandfather. She is not yet a member of the church and we had set up to share a FHE with them last night. We got a call from sis fjellstead telling us a little more about karen and her situation and elder brown and i came together and changed our plans, we wanted to help Karen get to know who God is, and that He loves her and has a plan for her. We were able to watch "my new life" a wonderful and powerful mormon message with their family and began to talk about expeirences that we've had that testify to us that there is a God, that He is real, and Elder Brown bore powerful witness of how he came to know, along with her grandparents and i was able to share my story and testimony only to come to find out that karen is adopted too and that sis fjellstead was unable to have children as well and adopted 4 of her own. Karen felt that she's been having all these expereiences and has had too many to not know that God is real and that she is here for a reason, she accepted the invitation to learn more about the restored gospel and also a copy of the Book of mormon with our testimonies written in it. Elder brown was also able to share with her "footprints in the sand" to find our that karen has a key chain with it on her keys. I testify that there are no coincidences in this life, that God does have an individual plan for each and every one of His children because He loves them, and everything truly does happen for a reason.
also, some less-actives that we are working with are doing well, jeff who we're seeing tonight and patricia-who's been away from the chruch for over 50 years are both coming back and staying for all three hours as well! So humbling and i am learning so much and it is such a blessing to be able to serve among so many wonderful people, i am so blessed. I also had the opportunity to speak this past sunday in the Del Cerro ward, it was a wonderful experience!
I hope you all know how much i love you and care about you! has anyone set a date yet? just following up! i know that when that date is set, that Heaven Father has experiences set up just for you that you can help someone come unto Christ. I hope you all have a wonderful week and i know that Christ lives and that He is our Savior, when we only see one set of footprints in the sand it's because He is carrying us. Until next time.
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

Aaron's email September 18, 2012

Dear Family,
It's great to hear from you and the adventures that you all are having! I did get the package, thank you so much mom i really appreciate it! I was wondering. . . could i possibly have a couple extra bucks put on my card? i have need to buy some new inner tubes for bicycle repairs haha just a flat and probably one for good measure, and no need to worry, i have not crashed, but am loving the bike and am staying safe and always wearing a helmet i promise!! Dad's talk was awesome and i got a lot from it and thank you for your thought this week as well, i definitely every single day remember those words and strive to do "one more thing" each day. I am sorry if this letter is shorter than usual, the computer that i am using is exceptionall slow and it takes a while to catch up to my tying haha anways. . .
We have seen and partaken of so many miracles this past week and it has been so humbling and so incredible to be in this portion of the Lord's vineyard. We started to teach the Seiftan family, we found them by helping them move a couch a couple weeks ago and we've been able to teach them the Restoration of the Gospel and the Plan of Salvation. I have to tell you, what an incredible experience it was to teach the Restoration of the Gospel. At first Bro Seiftan-as i will refer to him as- was leaning back, arms folded in his chair, we couldn't really tell if he was listening or not, we tried to involve him but he continued to stay as he was. As we began telling them about Joseph smith and the First Vision, Bro seiftan began to perk up, began to lean forward, eyes wide, ears open, and nodding, listening, and responding. He wasexcited and as we left he said "i'm going to do what you said, i'm going to take it to God to find out". They are a wonderful family and have had some incredible things happen in their lives that have testified to them that God is real and that He lives. Sis seiftan especially. What a humbling experience!
Bro Jolly is doing super well!! Holy smokes i cannot even express in words how humbling it is to be a part of his life and to just be with him and the changes that he is making and the path that he is on in his life. He was in St. George for the week visiting his in-laws and his father in-law gave him a cd with truman g madsen about the prophets of he church and he said in his 6 hour drive he was able to listen to quite a few, the first 5!! he loves learning about the historyof the Chruch and we were able to teach the Plan of Salvation and he just understands, he relates the things we talk about to his work and likens the teachings in his daily life, what an incredible man and family! as we were driving home, he said to us "when my sons are of age, they are definitely serving missions" amazing!! miracles!
WE were able to teach Eymard and MJ at the Temple on saturday and took them on a tour and they accepted the invitation to take the missionary lessons!! believe it or not, they are our downstairs neighbors!
Jeff-a less active we are working with now has agreed to take the lessons, and is seeking his testimony and he was challenged and committed to prepare to go to the Temple, our Elders Quorum president came with us (w were on splits) and Jeff made it to church as well!
Patricia- another less-active that came back to church after 50 years of inactivity!!
This is the Lord's work and His glory, i am so blessed to serve here, i love this work and these people and this ward and i love you allso much!! i'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and  i hope and pray that you all have missionary experiences! Let me know about your dates!!
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd