Saturday, October 13, 2012

Aaron's email September 18, 2012

Dear Family,
It's great to hear from you and the adventures that you all are having! I did get the package, thank you so much mom i really appreciate it! I was wondering. . . could i possibly have a couple extra bucks put on my card? i have need to buy some new inner tubes for bicycle repairs haha just a flat and probably one for good measure, and no need to worry, i have not crashed, but am loving the bike and am staying safe and always wearing a helmet i promise!! Dad's talk was awesome and i got a lot from it and thank you for your thought this week as well, i definitely every single day remember those words and strive to do "one more thing" each day. I am sorry if this letter is shorter than usual, the computer that i am using is exceptionall slow and it takes a while to catch up to my tying haha anways. . .
We have seen and partaken of so many miracles this past week and it has been so humbling and so incredible to be in this portion of the Lord's vineyard. We started to teach the Seiftan family, we found them by helping them move a couch a couple weeks ago and we've been able to teach them the Restoration of the Gospel and the Plan of Salvation. I have to tell you, what an incredible experience it was to teach the Restoration of the Gospel. At first Bro Seiftan-as i will refer to him as- was leaning back, arms folded in his chair, we couldn't really tell if he was listening or not, we tried to involve him but he continued to stay as he was. As we began telling them about Joseph smith and the First Vision, Bro seiftan began to perk up, began to lean forward, eyes wide, ears open, and nodding, listening, and responding. He wasexcited and as we left he said "i'm going to do what you said, i'm going to take it to God to find out". They are a wonderful family and have had some incredible things happen in their lives that have testified to them that God is real and that He lives. Sis seiftan especially. What a humbling experience!
Bro Jolly is doing super well!! Holy smokes i cannot even express in words how humbling it is to be a part of his life and to just be with him and the changes that he is making and the path that he is on in his life. He was in St. George for the week visiting his in-laws and his father in-law gave him a cd with truman g madsen about the prophets of he church and he said in his 6 hour drive he was able to listen to quite a few, the first 5!! he loves learning about the historyof the Chruch and we were able to teach the Plan of Salvation and he just understands, he relates the things we talk about to his work and likens the teachings in his daily life, what an incredible man and family! as we were driving home, he said to us "when my sons are of age, they are definitely serving missions" amazing!! miracles!
WE were able to teach Eymard and MJ at the Temple on saturday and took them on a tour and they accepted the invitation to take the missionary lessons!! believe it or not, they are our downstairs neighbors!
Jeff-a less active we are working with now has agreed to take the lessons, and is seeking his testimony and he was challenged and committed to prepare to go to the Temple, our Elders Quorum president came with us (w were on splits) and Jeff made it to church as well!
Patricia- another less-active that came back to church after 50 years of inactivity!!
This is the Lord's work and His glory, i am so blessed to serve here, i love this work and these people and this ward and i love you allso much!! i'll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and  i hope and pray that you all have missionary experiences! Let me know about your dates!!
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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