Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Aaron's mail October 30, 2012

Dear Family,
It's great to hear from you!! and for starters, Mal is going to be an INCREDIBLE missionary, and i know that there are people in Fort Worth who's lives will be changed by her sincere heartfelt testimony of this Gospel and I'm very excited for her!! an to answer some of your questions dad, i played alright, had some decend drives and putts but you know that's my weakness is my short game but everything inside of 5 feet goes in right? "look and shoot" as you would say. Mission Trails is an 18 hole course with two very different 9's, the fron is very hilly and interesting while the back is very open and flatter than the front. i was two shots behind Elder Dehlin after our 18 and we all played pretty decent and yes, we all had a blast!:) oh and the clubs we borrowed from some members in the Del Cerro ward, and not too shabby, i played with an older set of taylormade burners and Elder Tueller was playing with titillest. thanks for the info on your project1 i hope and pray that it continues to go well! i know that as you continue to pray and seek those opportunities for the 1st, which is approaching, that it will be placed in your path, whether at the store, or on a walk around the block, i promise that if you will open your mouth it will be filled and i promise you as well mom, that as you continue to do everything that you can in your efforts to share the gospel, Heaven Father will bless you with miracles in your life, of that i can testify! it also sounds like the McDougal's funeral was a solemn but not sorrowful occasion, i had the opportunity to meet him and i do know how wonderful he is, just in my few interactions with him he radiated with the spirit and he was filled with the Joy that this gospel brings and it truly affected everyone around him, it made others happy as well. i think i have their address, i should be getting a letter off to them in the next little while.
Quick question/story, so i've always been left eye dominate and my right eye has not been able to see very far distances, but more recently just trying to see street signs with just my right eye, my version of a lay man's eye test, it's really difficult trying to see the street signs, and when we were in our apartment for the past few days i've conducted some more and just with the calendar on our wall i'm unable to make out what month it is haha so i was wondering 1-if i should possibly get an eye test and 2-if it so happens that i may need some correction, do we have eye insurance? because if not, i promise you i can still see and i will just get tested later.
alrighty time for the updates of the week!!
this past week was an awesome one! we saw so many miracles and had so many wonderful experiences, we were just able to somehow (when i really know it was not just 'somehow' but by the spirit) able to be in the right places at just the right times. OH! to follow up, Mike did not end up keep our appointment for friday but we did get his number and he is willing to reschedule!
We had a stellar lesson with Noah last week, he is doing so well! he continues to love reading the Book of Mormon and asked us "if there are any specific stories, or passages that  you feel might benefit me, what might those be?" never before have i had someone ask me such an inspired, thought provoking question, the feeling became very solemn as we listened to the promptings of the spirit and came to the story of King Lamoni's father as an example that before he knew what the gospel had to offer, he, in fear of his life was willing to give half his kingdom. when he started to learn the Gospel and the wonderful gift that it is and he changed, he was willing to give everything, even all his sins to know God and receive eternal life. we asked Noah what stood out and sacrifice stood out to him, that he was willing to give everything for it and we related this to his family, to whom he would sacrifice anything for and he knows and understands the sacrifices that he'll make for the Gospel but he is willing to make them. What a miracle and blessing!
We also had a great lesson with Bro. Jolly about the Book of Mormon last night, all about the "why" of the Book of Mormon and we were able to testify that it truly is the keystone of our religion, everything either stands or it falls with the Book of Mormon and we come to know it's true, by how we feel. He is excited to read from its pages and he feels like he's on the right path and sees the changes, but maybe not from our point of view, because in the time that we've been teaching him, he's made leaps and bounds! He loves gospel principles, and is going to start attending elders quorum as well, please keep he and Noah in your prayers this week!
we also started teaching Linda, who met with missionaries over a year and a half ago, but life got in the way and she became "busy" and when we came to her door she said to us "you know, it's interesting that you should show up at my door just now" because both Elder Tueller and I had recieved the prompting we needed to see her. she then explained to us how her day went and as such on a normal day she would not be home right when she was, and we just happend to knock right when she was thinking about the church. i testify there are no coincidences! She asked us some wonderful questions and we were able to teach her the Restoration of the Gospel and by answering some questions some parts of the Plan of Salvation, she invited us back this friday to continue to teach the Gospel- amazing miracle!
We also  started to teach Geoff, now Geoff has been through a lot in the past couple months and some good friends, who are member's of our ward, pointed him out to us and he invited us in and we were able to teach and testify of the Plan of Salvation and of the Atonement of Jesus Christ and how he can know that things have happened for a reason, he accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and committed to read Alma 7 and we'll be going back on thursday, what miracles!
 I know that this is the Lord's work, i know that He lives and He love us and knows each and every one of us and knows our needs and can and will help us through as we rely on Him and His Atoning sacrifice for us. This Gospel is true and was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith and we have a living prophet, Presiden Thomas S. Monson whom i also sustain and follow. I love each and every one of you and hope you have an incredible week, please share your experiences with sharing the gospel!
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd
dad-that's great to hear about your family as well it's good to hear they are doing well and still progressing! who else is doing well in the ward?

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