Saturday, October 13, 2012

Aaron's email October 9, 2012

Hello  Family!!
Holy smokes General Conference was amazing!!! and it's probably a good thing that i wasn't able to see Austin, for that is against the rules haha but that's exciting that they are down here!! I definitely know the missionary age change is truly inspired because i truly felt it when he spoke, i felt the spirit confirm what our beloved prophet spoke by inspiration. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a living prophet on the earth today. I loved his talk as well, all about prayer and feeling and recongnizing the Holy Ghost. and we must "never postpone a prompting" -that's what i loved! we all have had those promptings in our lives and He is speaking to us to help and bless the lives of others. He knows what's best. oh and about the District, that's a mini series that BYUtv made and we as missionaries use clips from their teaching called The District 2 for our training out here in the field. They all were home before i left on my mission but i did have the opportunity to meet Elder Moreno in the MTC, they are all fantastic missionaries and we learn a lot from their examples. that's a funny story about Nolie, i'm sorry but that's great that she's talking and that she loves papa haha oh what a cute little girl.
So dad has set his date for sharing and preparing someone to hear the Gospel, i know that as you continue to pray daily and pray with that faith that that person will be brought into your life, you will have those promptings of the spirit to "go help that person" or "i should talk to this person" all those "thougts" come from the spirit. He tells us in our minds and in our hearts and He will help you in your efforts. Has anyone else set a date? i know that as your pray for inspiration for a date, Heavenly Father will help you and when you've set that date, to act! As we've learned we have to observe then serve, we have to do something right? put our shoulders to the wheel!
We got to watch the sunday morning session at the Jolly's and Bro. Jolly is doing really well, he loved conference and love Elder Holland's talk, he really connected with it and we had a lesson with him after the session and invited him to be baptized and we were able to get his concern about baptism and we'll continue to work with him and help him to overcome those concerns. But i do know that he's feeling the spirit each and every day of his life and that God's hand is in his life and i hope and pray that he'll be able to overcome his concerns.
Karen is doing well too! she's been reading and praying about the Book of Mormon and each time she prays she says that she feels really good, and we read 3 nephi 11 with her and talked about why we are to be baptized and the blessings that come from it and she is praying to know if baptism before she leaves san diego is right, we're doing everything we can to get her stoked to take these habits that we're introducing and tools that she's been given to take back to Oregon and continue learning in the Gospel.
Oh! so a few weeks ago, we were given a list of Relief Society Sisters that our RS pres gave to us that she did not know, and we were able to stop by one sister Etherton, and this was the 3rd time we'd stopped by and she was home! she opened the door and said "hey elders come on in, meet my husband" and we talked to her husband that half his family is LDS, and he accepted the invitation to take the lessons and we're going by on friday! and guess what? he loves to golf! yes!! haha but he is an incredible man.
Ah so it's transfer day tomorrow and we found that Elder Brown is getting transferred tomorrow so i will be getting a new companion tomorrow so sorry this is so short but he's got to get everything packed and prepared! i hope you all know how much i love you and care about you! i'll keep you in my prayers!
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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