Monday, October 29, 2012

Aaron's Email 10/16/2012

Dear Family,
Dad you sly dog you!!! getting the name of my ward mission leader!! haha it was great when he handed me a bag with socks, candy and a letter in it haha what a surprise! bro newton asked me "do you know Richard Cook?
" haha i said, "yes. . . why?" and then he proceeds to hand me a bag full of goodies. I do think it's great that everyone wants to see me but we all have to be obedient out here so that the blessings from the Lord will not be hindered. as for the shoes? they are toast haha, the Bostonians from Costco are no more, i had to retire them, but my ecco's are still in great condition so I'll be alright:) So news about the transfer!! I have my new companion, Elder Tueller, who i served with in PQ and in transfer meeting President Clayton said "Elder Tueller stand up, your new companion and the new zone leader is Elder Lloyd and your area will be Del Cerro" what a surprise that was! I am super humbled once again with this opportunity to serve in the San Diego East Zone and to go with that, we now have a car in Del Cerro, a serious blessing! Now we are able to see everyone in the outskirts of our area that Elder brown and i were not able to reach on our bikes. Sad news, the day that Elder Tueller and i became companions, he started not to feel too well, he woke up the next morning with a sore throat, and body aches, we checked out his throat, and sure enough, red with white and yellow spots. . . strep. So the past week has been one of rest, i gotta tell ya my apartment has never been cleaner haha probably because i've gotten just a tad stir crazy haha but we were still able to see a few people and teach a few lessons this week so that was great! yes, he is on antibiotics so all is well:) congrats on the baptism!! they sound like a great family! and a wonderful addition to the ward family! yes, it can be very difficult for Recent Converts, they are beginning a new life, and new language, new culture and new everything so keep them strong! so my updates are few but they are miracles!
Karen sadly flew back to Oregon this weekend, but we were able to have two lessons with her this past week and reading with her from the Book of Mormon has been treat! When we first started reading with her it was hard for her to understand what she was reading (new language) but as the week went by she became more fluid in her pronounciation, she comprehended and connected more with what she was reading, she began to feel that what she was reading was true, what an incredible journey she has started! How blessed i am and was to be able to help her begin that journey with a few simple steps and a few simple tools that will help her to keep on that path that will lead to eternal life. She prayed at the end of every lesson and when we asked about her individual prayers she said "they are an incredible experience, i feel so good when i pray" my hope and prayer is that we will be able to get her connected with the Church up in Oregon.
Noah, we had an appointment on friday and when we followed up with reading he said to us "ever since you guys left last time i just had to pick up the book" he read through 1 nephi 4 and, he shared with us a few scriptures that stood out to him, he said that he posted some on facebook because they meant so much to him. He was also able to call his brother, who was baptized at age 18 and hear his story and about how he came to know how that the church was true, and much like Noah, it all started with the Book of Mormon. we were able to teach the Restoration of the Gospel and he invited us back for this friday and when we invited him to continue reading he paused, he looked Elder Tueller and I in the eye and said "of course, of course i will" i honestly got the chills the spirit was so strong, and he said he's had incredible experiences so far so why wouldn't he keep reading? what a blessing it is to be able to be a part of this the Lord's work, i know He lives and i know its true!
well that's it for this week, so it's nothing too exciting or lengthy, but hopefully i will stay healthy this week! haha don't worry i wash my hands like crazy! i love you all so much and i hope you have a fantastic week! I'll keep you all and keep ash in prayers as well.
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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