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Aaron's email September 25, 2012

dearest family,
It's so wonderful to hear from you! I will admit i am very excited, yet a tad fill with jealous rage (sarcasm;) ) that Adam will be heading out to the Ryder Cup tomorrow, that will be an incredible experience! Mom, i hope that you will continue to become healthy and strong and i keep you in my prayers every day! Dad, i havent' heard from ya in a while but i'm assuming that's because work is booming, so that's great! well i have quite a few humbling and incredible experiences to share with you this week, but mom, perhaps when you send your next package, (which there's no rush!!) could i possibly have some socks sent out? both church socks and white socks for excersize? again i emphasize, no rush haha
well, time for some updates!!
I'll start off with Jordan. On sunday morning about 9:30 am we recieve a phone call from a bro. mamode, a recent convert of about 3 years and he tells us "Elders, my niece is turning 12 and has been asking about church, so i figured i would take her to her ward because she lives close to the church building, she has been with me before and recently has been wanting to get involved more and more, and by the way i would like to have her get baptized". . . holy smokes!! again, another one of these experiences when my legs turn to jello and i have just enough strength to pick my jaw up off the ground we said "sure bro, mamode, we'll be waiting for you and we look forward to getting to know jordan as well". sure enough, they came to church on sunday and she stayed for all 3 hours and she had a good experience! We were able to stop by yesterday and meet her family, her mother and father are not too interested in the gospel at this point in their lives, but they are completely supportive of their daughter and her decisions. We hope to have them involved with the lessons at their neighbors home (because jordan is really good friends with their kids, the Lapu'aho's). and THEN we were walking back to our apartment and our YW president pulls up and asks "elders, i forgot to get Jordan's info on sunday, do you know if she'd like to start coming to activities and so we gave her their info and then this morning we get a text from Bro. mamode saying "elders thanks for following up with my sister, Jordan is excited to go to the activity tomorrow, and please send my thanks to your YW president as well" WHAT A MIRACLE!!!! i am so incredibly lucky to be a  part of this work! i am humbled each and every day by what happens.
Now on to Bro. Jolly, we were able to teach him the Plan of Salvation last week and again the spirit was super strong and he's been listening to truman g madsen cd's on the prophets and loves it, he loves the history, he loves everything about the gospel, he feels like everything that has happened to him in his life has prepared him to be where he is right now. flash forward to sunday, we start talking to him after Gospel Principles and he says "now i'll talk to you two about this when we get together, but for the past little while i've been having these dreams. . .(what went through my mind was this is either really good, or really bad). . .dreams where i'm just trying to get home, and for whatever reason, something always gets in my way and i can't get home and back to my family"--i think it goes without saying that we definitely know what we will talking about with bro. jolly this week. MIRACLE!
and now for Karen. We've been trying to work with the Fjellstead's in our ward because their granddaughter karen is with them for just a few more weeks while she's interning with her grandfather. She is not yet a member of the church and we had set up to share a FHE with them last night. We got a call from sis fjellstead telling us a little more about karen and her situation and elder brown and i came together and changed our plans, we wanted to help Karen get to know who God is, and that He loves her and has a plan for her. We were able to watch "my new life" a wonderful and powerful mormon message with their family and began to talk about expeirences that we've had that testify to us that there is a God, that He is real, and Elder Brown bore powerful witness of how he came to know, along with her grandparents and i was able to share my story and testimony only to come to find out that karen is adopted too and that sis fjellstead was unable to have children as well and adopted 4 of her own. Karen felt that she's been having all these expereiences and has had too many to not know that God is real and that she is here for a reason, she accepted the invitation to learn more about the restored gospel and also a copy of the Book of mormon with our testimonies written in it. Elder brown was also able to share with her "footprints in the sand" to find our that karen has a key chain with it on her keys. I testify that there are no coincidences in this life, that God does have an individual plan for each and every one of His children because He loves them, and everything truly does happen for a reason.
also, some less-actives that we are working with are doing well, jeff who we're seeing tonight and patricia-who's been away from the chruch for over 50 years are both coming back and staying for all three hours as well! So humbling and i am learning so much and it is such a blessing to be able to serve among so many wonderful people, i am so blessed. I also had the opportunity to speak this past sunday in the Del Cerro ward, it was a wonderful experience!
I hope you all know how much i love you and care about you! has anyone set a date yet? just following up! i know that when that date is set, that Heaven Father has experiences set up just for you that you can help someone come unto Christ. I hope you all have a wonderful week and i know that Christ lives and that He is our Savior, when we only see one set of footprints in the sand it's because He is carrying us. Until next time.
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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