Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Email from Aaron January 10, 2012

This week has been pretty good, full of blessings and miracles around every corner. Did I tell you about Korina a couple weeks ago? If not, i'll give a little refresher on how we came in contact with her. We had an appointment and we went with a member to go and teach and our appointment fell through so we decided to go see the home teaching families with Bro. Luna (the member we were with), and deliver a Christmas message. We saw a hood up (I just remembered I told you all about this over the phone on Christmas, but i'll keep going), and her car was dead so we gave it a jump. We found out that she is looking for a church to go to and she grew up in Alpine, the area that I last served in, I know that there are no coincidences. I'll jump to just a few days ago. We had been trying to get in touch with her for a little while and we received a phone call from her and she was out of town for the week and we set up an appointment to get together with her yesterday. We met at the church and took her on a church tour and showed her every aspect of the church and how each block of the meeting works. (side note of advice for Dad here; Elder Saager and I have found that many times investigators, or LA's (less actives) don't want to attend church because they are afraid or unfamiliar with our services, (See-PMG ch 8). and letting them know how everything works right off the bat can clear up many misconceptions). The lesson went well, the spirit was incredible as we watched "look not behind thee" and "the blessings of Motherhood"-as she has a four year-old daughter. As we spoke and testified, the spirit bore witness to me once more of the divinity of this work and as we listen sincerely to what they are saying, and have done our part in treasuring up continually the words of the scriptures and teachings of the prophets, we have the promise that we will be given the words to say. We also received a referral to go and see a Dr. Mike-for a little over a year he has been working with one of his patients (an elderly gentleman) and has been taught by this patient the Restored gospel of Jesus Christ. every appointment turned into "tell me about this" and "what about that" and this patient was more than happy to share his beliefs with his Dr. We received this information in confidence to go by without sharing the information that we now have on this Dr. we were to simply knock on his door and "tract" into it. That is exactly what we did and we had the most humbling experience, this man's heart opened as well as the door, he spoke from his heart about the church and that how he knows many members who have been good examples to him, we gave him our information and should be seeing him this week.
This week has truly been humbling and a wonderful one as well. Now dad, as for your wonderful calling, I would like to give a few words of advice. First: prayerfully review Preach My Gospel, specifically chapter 13. You will have the wonderful opportunity of working with the Bishop to create your ward mission plan, and be able to help the members of the ward and families create a "family mission plan". With this calling, comes the Ward Area Book as well, one of the many things I have learned as a missionary is the importance of accurate and up to date records. Work closely with the missionaries in a weekly coordination meeting, you will have the incredible experience of meeting, and planning baptisms for those who have prepared themselves to enter into the covenant with our Father in Heaven. But as with all callings, I am not one to tell you what to do, or what to say. Take it to the Lord and as you seek guidance, He will give it to you. Do what works for you, be the best Brother Lloyd that you can be, I know that you have received this call at this time for a reason, the Lord needs your help, and He will help you. I love you Dad and I know that may not be much help, but I know that you will be a wonderful Ward Mission Leader- spread this, His gospel to all those who you come in contact with and He will bless you. Members are so crucial to this work and crucial to bringing their friends to the Atonement and it's healing power.
Well I am out of time but know that I love each and every one of you and I will keep Anna and Adam and the Barrett family in my prayers. My SOTW is Mosiah 3:17. until next time, I send my love and support.
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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