Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Aaron's email July 10, 2012

Dear Family,
First i want to say Happy Birthday to Adam!! 28! that's awesome! Thank you for your example to me over the years and especially while i have been on my mission, your influence and reach extends farther than you can imagine and you are affecting many of the lives of those here in San Diego as well brother, i love you. Congratulations to mom for making it back home safe, that truly is an answer to prayers and I am so grateful for jon owens and his help and grateful that mom is doing well and that she has full help and support from the family, Dad, your talk was absolutely incredible! i'm curious to know, how many of your ward stood up? and to answer your quesiton about social media, we are not allowed on facebook, but we spend one hour a week on familiarizing ourselves with the site so we can help others navigate and i too have created my own profile, i just checked yours out and i learned some things i didn't know about you dad, thank you for sharing your story for the world to see and i encourage our whole family to create their own profiles and invite others to see them and to explore i know that pretty soon, there will be pass-along cards with QR codes that will send our friends, colleagues and accquiantences directly to our profiles, what a wonderful tool technology is and how it truly is and can be a force for good in helping this the work of the Lord move forward.
As for the work here in PQ, things are going well, each and every day the Lord stretched out His hand and pours out blessings that we do not have room enough to recieve them. This past sunday, a semi-active member in PQ1, Carrie brought her friend Cassie to church, we spoke with Carrie and wanted to set up an appointment to teach her and her family (she has 3 little girls and her husband comes with her to church every so often and is nice, but isn't quite ready to accept the gospel yet), and she told us to give her a call on monday to work something out and we spoke again when she was walking into Relief Society, that's when we were introduced to Cassie. I'll fast-forward a bit to later that evening, we got a phone call from Carrie saying that Cassie was going to be at her home monday afternoon around 4:15 and she wanted us to be there because Cassie really enjoyed church and wanted to come back next week, so our lesson was going to be then. We went over yesterday to teach her and the lesson went well, Cassie truly did enjoy services and plans to come back next week, we were able to learn a little bit more about Cassie and teach briefly about the Restoration of the Gospel and she accepted a copy of the Book of Mormon and committed to read it and said "i'm excited to read it" what a miracle! and then in PQ3 i think i've mentioned Tom before, he is the husband of Melinda (a returned to activity member) and he just got out the army after serving in the Marines and the Army for over 12 years serving many deployments. Tom has been attending chruch with his wife Melinda since January (attending all 3 hours for the past 4 weeks as well) and we have had a couple of talks with Tom about how he feels about the church and his concerns, he said to us "i've got to work out a few things before i get baptized" and we were able to have a heart to heart with him a couple weeks ago with our ward mission leader Bro. Barnett and this week after Elders Quorum Tom approached me and said "i'd like to set up an appointment for next sunday, i know this may come as a shock, but i've been really thinking and praying and things have fell into place and i feel like i'm ready to take the next step", amazing!! we are looking forwar to getting together with Tom next sunday and i'll report of his progress next week. We also had a lesson scheduled with Jen and Todd ( a part-member family) at our EQ president's home and they were about to cancel when we picked up and took the lesson to them, we were able to read in 3 Nephi 27:19-20 and focus on "washing our garments in His blood" and what it takes, we talked about what it would be like and it's not easy, it's the old school way of washing and when we do everything that He invites us to do accept Him, we have the Holy Ghost as the ultimate "stain remover". Their goal is to work towards the Temple and they are taking the first steps that they need to take to get there.
I'm short on time but i want to comment on the Holy Ghost and how in so many cases we receive promptings NOT to do things for our protection, the Holy Ghost also prompts us to do things that we are not comfortable with doing but as we follow those promptings and get uncomfortable, we have the spirits full help in helping others recieve this gospel and come unto Christ-it can save lives. "the what informs, while the why transforms" may we each focus of the why of the gospel and apply it in our lives is my prayer. i know Christ lives and loves us and this is His work, we are His hands.
"Dare to be a Mormon
Dare to stand alone,
Dare to have a purpose firm,
Dare to make it known"
may we each dare to make it know this week in our interactions with others. I love you dearly, until next time!
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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