Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Aaron's email November 13, 2012

Hello Family!
It's great to hear from you! i heard about he storm! it's winter time now right? It's starting to get cold here too. . . low 60's, i have to be honest, i'm freezing haha i'm totally acclimatized here and i'm trying to keep warm haha but thank you for the pictures everyone! it's great to see you all and holy smokes Nolie is HUGE and Lincoln's growing like a weed too! I hope all is going well, i apologize in advance, this email will probably be shorter than most, due to limited time, so i will just give some quick updates!
we were able to teach Bro Jolly and help him with the Book of Mormon, he still knows he's going to get baptized, it's more a matter of when at this point, so we're striving to help him gain a solid foundation and testimony and help him see that we don't know everything, nor will we, when we feel the spirit, the best thing we can do is act, and show our Father in Heaven we are willing to do what He asks.
We also began teaching Corina, she was taught by missionaries about two years ago, and thanks to the invitation of her neighbor and Del Cerro Ward member, sis McDermott, she's taking the lessons again and i have to say how amazing it is to have members invite their friends, because Corina is active in the lessons, and when she has questions she turns to her friend and sis McDermott's testimony is incredible and is exactly what she needs and wow, it's amazing and super humbling, the Lord is hastening His work and He needs all hands on deck! We are so grateful for sis mcdermott and her willingness to share her beliefs and her testimony with others.
Yesterday Elder Tueller and I had the incredible opportunity to have President Clayton come out with us for a morning/afternoon. He joined our companionship study at 9:00 am and was with us until about 4 pm, what an incredible experience that was to have one on one teaching time with our Mission President! i was so honored and humbled by the experience, and it was a blast too! He taught with us when we had our lesson with Corina and for our next morning appointments as well, he is such a kind, loving, insightful, humble man- I am truly lucky to be able to serve with him. it was neat, during lunch we got a call from Sis Brown in the ward and we set an appointment for right after lunch. We told this to our mission president and he said "great, let's do it, tell me about this sister" and as we were pondering what we might teach all of us looked up and thought of Sariah in the Book of Mormon, as a mother, she had to endure so much, she went through adversity leaving everything behind, doubt whether or not her children would return from Jerusalem, and she also witnessed wayward children. Just think how many prayers were offered by Sariah, a loving mother, in behalf of her sons, Laman and Lemuel. It's not that her prayers were not heard, for think of all the incredible experiences that those two had in their lives, but to know that the Lord does have a plan for all of us and we still have our agency, His ways are higher than our ways and He knows what's best for His purposes. Sometimes we may not know the answer to our "why" questions until after this mortal life, but as we put our trust in Him and His plan, we can continue to Hope, to have faith and look forward and upward!
Well family i love you all so very much and i hope you all have a wonderful week and dad and mom, any experiences you'd like to share from praying? How have you felt? I know that as we all work together to build His kingdom, we are participating in the best work, that which is of most worth to us in this life and in the eternities; proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ to all. What a wonderful gift and blessing! This work is true and it is Hastening! come january we'll be receiving about 70 more missionaries here to San Diego! I know Christ lives and love us, He is always there and always will be and will answer our prayers!
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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