Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Email form Aaron October 11, 2011

Elder McGee is great! He loves the work and is ready and willing to hit the pavement every day, so that is exactly what we do. He has a great spirit about him and I am learning more from him than he is probably learning from me. It truly is a great responsibility and wonderful blessing as well to be able to train one the Lord's chosen missionaries and to be a district leader as well, I pray daily that the Lord will qualify me for this sacred trust that he has put in me.

We had an amazing experience the other day when we were spending some time out east of Alpine. I just kept having the thought of; you need to go back to alpine, there is someone waiting for you. As the day went on, that thought become more prominent and so I heeded it and we headed back to Alpine, said a prayer and started talking to everyone we met. We ended up handing out a couple copies of the Book of Mormon and setting some return appointments with a couple of individuals named Samantha and Jose. In fact, just now in the library, elder McGee talked to a woman and gave her a copy of the Book of Mormon, invited her to church and set up an appointment wither her for Sunday. Like I said, he is an awesome missionary and training him is a blessing. These experiences have strengthened my testimony of what we learned from president Monson, to recognize, trust, and follow the spirit. It is how the Lord's work is done and is one of the most amazing feelings to be led by the spirit. We have a magnet on our fridge that says “Don't ask the Lord to guide your footsteps unless you are willing to move your feet”. That is one of my favorite quotes thus far on missionary work, because nothing happens until we act, until we move our feet, we can most definitely hearken to the spirit, but until we heed it's subtle promptings, we are stuck waiting on the road to Damascus.

We are still working with Paige. She is still progressing toward the 30th and still reading and praying. But sadly Cassandra is moving this week, she is moving to Chula Vista so we will be able to have a smooth "hand off" to the missionaries down there. We also will be meeting with Kent, whom we gave a copy of the Book of Mormon to a while ago and is interested in talking and learning a little bit more about it so things are starting to get going. I know that as Elder McGee and I work hard every day and get to work and always strive to do one more thing and follow and trust and recognize the spirit, they will keep moving forward. I know that the Lord's hand is in this work, with every second that passes and every step taken, He is there, He is guiding us. I know with all my heart that this is His work and His glory and it is also my work and my glory, it is such a blessing to be in the service of the lord and I cannot thank you enough for this opportunity.

The food I eat is pretty normal, I make sure I have three square meals a day.  I thank you for the delicious snacks you sent, and thank you in advance for the package that Dad is sending off. We cook occasionally but rarely have time to prepare and sit down to eat. I certainly cannot complain about being busy, because I love it, I love this work.

My thought of the week (TOTW) comes from Elder W Craig Zwick of the first quorum of the 70 that was at our stake conference here in El Cajon this past Sunday "the Lord will do with us as is right. Through it all, the spirit warms our hearts “you’re alright, stay with it, “never cease striving until you've seen the face of God, even then keep going". He spoke of the powerful tool that is Preach My Gospel and how we can all use it in our homes and as member missionaries, we can share this gospel, if we have fears, we are not alone, we can put it in the lord's hands. He will help us to spread this gospel if we put our hand in the Lord's hand. We are in this work together.

President and Sister Clayton are absolutely amazing, I love them dearly and get to see them at least once a month. I will tell you more about them next week. It was great to hear from you, I hope you have a wonderful week, seek the spirit in all that you do. I love you all dearly and keep you in my thoughts and prayers.
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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