Thursday, December 8, 2011

Email from Aaron on December 6, 2011

Hello Family,                                                                                                  December 6, 2011

It's wonderful to hear from you and to hear about all the adventures that are currently coming your way. We shall see about Christmas coming up, wow it's literally just around the corner, I suppose we should start making plans for that, I know that if Skype is available wherever I'm at, I will be able to use it on Christmas. Let me know what times that you and the family will be available for either a Skype session, or a phone call. Also, transfers are the week before Christmas so that's why I say we shall see. Dad has prophesied that I will be leaving at the end of this transfer and so have many in the Alpine Ward, to that I say " it would be hard but I will go and do the things the Lord commands, I'll go where you want me to go, dear Lord" Elder McGee does receive things from home and I have received a couple packages from Shai along with letters, have you been able to hear from her lately?

I heard that some people that I knew were in San Diego, the sister just couldn't remember their names haha, that's great the Stovens came and experienced the Mormon Battalion, it is truly a wonderful place. That sister that talked to them is Sister Kennington, she is an amazing missionary, she provided a true example to our district and works very hard every minute of every day. I was blessed to be able to serve with her. I know that things may be smaller and the tree may not be gigantic, but as long as we try to keep the spirit of the season, size does not apply. I love this time of year, not only are the leaves changing here in Alpine, but the people are changing as well, the feeling in the air has changed and the world is becoming more focused on this season and many on giving. Being able to remember the wonderful gift that our loving Father in Heaven has given to us, a Savior, a Redeemer, an example, and a perfect Son. This is truly the ultimate gift, the greatest gift, that which is the cause of this season and of this feeling, He is the reason for the season. Joy to the world, the Lord is come, let earth receive her king! Let every heart, prepare Him room, are just a few words that echo in my mind as I go through each day toward the wonderful holiday in which we celebrate the Savior's birth. May we all keep the spirit of Christ, in Christmas.
The ward party sounds like it will be a great time, seize those opportunities to meet and greet, as you said, welcoming new members and those who may not be members will remember your countenance. I recall a phrase that mom shared with me years ago "people may not always remember what you say, but they will remember how you make them feel", even in a quick minute we can show our love for others and for the Savior by letting our lights shine, and I know that you will be able to do so:)

I will certainly have to read revelations. I wish Dad a safe trip to STG!

This past Monday and into today we had the opportunity to have MTE, or a missionary training exchange, and this time around, I was given the opportunity to be a "coach" to be able to go with a companionship and to be able to see how they work and help them apply the principles that we have learned from President Clayton and from the Assistants to the President. This MTE's focus was on the principle and doctrine of planning and how it applies every minute of every day. Pertaining to this doctrine of planning, our loving Father in Heaven had a plan for each of us; in fact it started with a vision, which is found in Moses 1:39, then he set goals and laid this plan, He created everything spiritually before it was created physically. President Clayton related this to something I believe Dad can relate to, He was able to design his own home, this process took He and Sister Clayton two years, President literally was living in the house mentally, working out every detail in his mind, of where light switches would be, how wide the staircase would be, and so on. He started with a vision of what his perfect house was to be, then he set blue prints, then he lived in the house mentally. Now relate this to our Father in Heaven's plan. He most certainly worked out every detail in His plan before He put it into action. This life is like taking a river trip, we may have a map or even a guide to get us through (now think of this as its own doctrinal story, that guide or map is found within the scriptures, I wish I had to talk more about it, but ponder that), but our vision is limited to what's around the bend. We may have an idea, but we don't know completely what will be there. Each bend we come around we can see ahead, but only to the next corner, we may encounter rough waters. All the while Heavenly Father can see the whole river until it flows into the ocean, He knows what's ahead, He sees the big picture. May we each take time to step back and catch this vision, to see this wonderful big picture. I love this work and I love the plan that Heavenly Father has laid before us, though our vision may be limited, He knows what lies ahead and as we put our trust in Him we can make it through rough waters and I know that this plan is possible because He sent His Only Begotten Son into this world for each of us. I know this gospel is true and I love being in the service of the Lord, every day there are opportunities and responsibilities that lie ahead, and I love every minute of it. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I love each of you dearly and wish you well and keep you in my prayers

Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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