Thursday, February 2, 2012

Aaron's Email January 31, 2012

Hello Family!
All is going well, this past week was pretty good, it was filled with daily tender mercies and many many blessings. You said something in your email that we as missionaries work on a daily basis so know that you are not alone in "trying to find a balance". There are so many things to do and we must follow the counsel given to us from general conference and from President Monson to focus on that "which matters most". I would suggest read ch.8 in PMG for an idea of how to balance time, it not only speaks of the missionary daily planner, but there are principles in there that can certainly be applied to every day life. The Lord does not give more than we can handle, and He knows how much potential we have and gives us opportunities to learn and grow. 
I got a letter from someone in the 5th ward, I believe their names were Mont and Kim. They are very kind people and would make great friends. That Samoan/Tongan ward you went to last Sunday sounds like it was a wonderful experience. We have a Samoan sister serving in our zone here in PQ.
On an interesting note, for dad, all of those years of hair cuts, don't think I was just falling asleep while you were giving them because I gave my first legitimate haircut on the mission to my companion. I learned from you dad, and there are no holes in his head to be found. I think it looks pretty good, I even trimmed him up around the ears, I now know and understand how frustrating that was for you when those "wild hairs" wouldn't cut around the ear. anyhow, just thought I would let you know that my companions will no longer have to pay for hair cuts while on their missions haha.
Dad, I have been thinking about the past events that have happened in your life, especially about your good friend, and some scriptures and thoughts came to my mind. For as in Adam all men die, even so in Christ shall all be made alive. Know that this is possible because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and you will see him again. The sting of death is swallowed up in Christ, be of good comfort, do not fear. also John 14: 26-27 came to my mind. I love you dad and hope that all is well in your life.
One of our investigators, Oliver, that is now attending the singles branch up here and is being taught by the missionaries in the branch has started to plan his baptism! It's absolutely incredible, he has not attended church since he was 4 years of age and so learning about the restored gospel and coming to church, it truly was ALL new to him, a completely different world, culture, language, but the first time we talked with him he said "I like it, it feels good, and somehow, it feels familiar". This strengthened my testimony of our pre-mortal existence. We were taught these things, we learned in the presence of the Father and received this gospel, all of these things we learn should sound familiar, the spirit truly does bring to remembrance all things. I also found out that the part-member family we were working with in Alpine, their Kids, Jackson and Stanley will be getting baptized at the end of Feb. And in our own wards, many members are bringing friends and some families are coming out of the woodwork, it is incredible to be able to partake of these blessings and be a part of this work. We also had the wonderful opportunity to attend the temple today and it is so incredible, so peaceful, so serene. We are away from the world and simply get to focus on those thoughts and feelings which the Lord puts into our minds and hearts. There is much comfort to be partaken of when in the Lord's house.
In my personal study a couple of days ago, i was reading about Abinadi and his wonderful example of standing firm in the faith and declaring with boldness the gospel of Jesus Christ. How amazing he was to speak by the power of the Spirit, only to be cast into prison, not to see the effect that he had on Alma, and what came from that. Then after reading about Abinadi, i turned to the conference ensign and read the Saturday afternoon session talk given by Elder Perry, and what i found was that it is essentially and outline of how we can each become more like Abinadi in our own lives and in our personal ministry of this gospel. He spoke of the many diverse ways that we can share the gospel, i would invite each of you to look over Elder Perry's counsel and apply it this next week, find one of those ways to share, and do so. I promise you that as you do, you will feel the spirit testify through you and touch the hearts of those you speak to.
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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