Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Email from Aaron February 7, 2012

Dearest Family,
I thank you for your thoughts and prayers the past week, they have
been felt and i have been strengthened because of them. The past week
was a bit hectic but things are going well and the work is moving
along so i am well pleased. I am sorry to hear that everyone has been
sick the past little while, did Anna get my letter? I will continue to
pray for you all and that your health will return speedily so that you
may return to your duties and responsibilities in this life. Send
Grandpa Anderson my best birthday wishes! I will do my best to get
something out to him this week, but the day goes by so fast and before
we know it, we just got the essentials for the day done. I look
forward to receiving that information about him to learn more about
our family's history. 
Thank you for sharing those scriptures i cannot wait to read
them and report back on them next week. 
This past week was Transfers and we were able to welcome 3
missionaries into the PQ zone. Two of them are brand new missionaries
from the MTC; i honestly find it hard to believe that i didn't leave
the MTC yesterday. They are studs and will work miracles and will
touch the hearts of many, they certainly know their purpose and love
the work and have the fire. Also a tidbit that might be interesting
for you to know, I'll be singing in the PQ 1&3 wards this month, not
only that, but i will be singing the same song that we sang at my
farewell, only this time solo. I'll keep you posted on that, it will
certainly bring memories and feelings that might overcome, but i will
persevere and sing to the best of my abilities. We also were able to
attend a Chinese New Year party here, there used to be a Chinese and
Korean ward up here but got dissolved after many moved away due to
jobs. But we were invited and that was an interesting time, Elder
Saager got to say the opening prayer and probably only about 20% of
those in attendance understood English. We had the opportunity of
meeting many people and that was an incredible experience.
We had the wonderful opportunity of teaching one of our investigators,
Gavin at the church this past week and had a pretty fun lesson. Gavin
has a hard time understanding certain aspects of the Gospel but one
thing is for sure that he loves basketball. So my companion and I made
a plan to relate the Gospel to basketball and we had one the most
memorable lessons of the mission thus far. Faith, it takes action many
times, if you want to learn how to dribble, you have to do it.
Repentance can be like passing, again we can pass, but if we don't
have the proper technique, it won't get there the right way, and when
we struggle, we talk with our coach, who helps us to pass, because He
knows what's going to help us the most. Baptism is like taking the
shot, we can dribble and pass all day, but unless we take the shot
we'll never score the points, also we won't make the shot if we don't
have direction or the Holy Ghost. Now our coach first showed us how to
shoot the ball so that we can learn. Christ first showed us how by
showing His example by being baptized and receiving the gift of the
Holy Ghost. When it comes down to it, we don't'get good if we do not
practice, we don't learn if we sit on the sidelines and watch others
play the game. Also in another aspect when we are playing the game
they are many fans watching and pulling us many different ways, there
are voices of support and voices of criticism, but the game is in our
hands, the ball in our court, not theirs, it's between us and the
hoop. This game is between us the Lord, it is up to us to come unto
That may have been bit confusing for you reading it, but the spirit
was so strong as we were teaching and it was an incredible experience.
Many good things are happening in the 1&3 wards; part member families
are coming out of the woodwork and we are working to prepare a few
individuals to attend church and accept a baptismal date; Mike,
Tabitha and Herbert.
As we had a stake mission correlation meeting we sung the words of the
song the Army of Helaman and being gathered as a body of priesthood
brethren it was incredible to sing aloud "we are as the army of
Helaman, we have been taught in our youth, and we will be the Lord's
missionaries to bring the world His truth". I testify that this is His
truth, this work is incredible and i thank you for teaching me in my
youth of this doctrine, I am so grateful for being raised in this
gospel by your loving and guiding hands. I know that the Book of
Mormon is the word of God and it gives answers to any questions that
we may have. I love being able to study it daily and learn and grow. I
currently just finished reading of Alma and what has happened after
those who joined the church at the waters of Mormon and the trials
that they underwent, but the Lord delivered them, He has a plan for
each of us and He knows what is down the road and what will best help
us. Part of his plan can be found in Mosiah 23:21. I know these things
are true and i love each and every one of you and thank you for your
love and support. I wish you all health and best wishes and hope that
this week brings blessings and guidance. Until next time,
-Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd
"when the time for decision arrives, the time to prepare has passed"

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