Friday, March 2, 2012

Aaron's Email Feb 28 2012

Dear family,
I hope all is well and it sounds like your stake conference went really well, i too know that the church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is true all over the earth, that it is built upon the rock of Christ and of revelation and is led by a living prophet. I love what you took away and i hope that you will always remember those things which you learned and were taught by the Holy Ghost.
Our conference with Elder Zwick was absolutely incredible! We were taught and learned so much about how much our missions prepare us for the rest of our lives, they will remain with us and as we "become" disciples throughout our missions, that journey continues throughout our lives, just as Peter's journey was a lifelong becoming process. Preach My Gospel will always be a part of my life and i will definitely include bits and pieces of what i learned through my letters next week, because of time. . .
I have been reading about Alma's ministry in the Book of Mormon and i absolutely love the scriptures and reading about his first attempt at the people of Ammonihah, it didn't go so well, he began to turn away and he was pretty depressed that none would listen to his words, an angel appeared to him (the same angel that appeared at his conversion! now that's a tangent in and of itself that i will not take at the present time haha) but gave him reason to rejoice, that he was doing his duty, he was faithful in keeping the commandments, and then he was commanded to return to Ammonihah. so what did Alma do? he didn't just return to the city, he "speedily returned" to Ammonihaha. He was incredibly obedient and had such great faith in the Lord to guide him to those that would hear him. Amazingly enough, the very first person he talked to, he asked a question of "wilt thou feed an hungry servant of the Lord?" and Amulek says "i know who you are, an angel showed you to me, i know that you're a prophet, come to my home and i will feed you" i know those are not exactly Amulek's words, but he was the first person Alma talked to, i know that the Lord provides for each of His children, 1 Nephi 3:7 is incredibly true. I love the scriptures and this work.
Sundays are days of miracles! Phil, the husband of a recent convert that we've been working with; we usually do service every week for their family and he asks us questions and has been reading the Bible, first, he began reading the Book of Mormon (miracle), and asking us questions about it (miracle), then he found out that i would be singing at church (miracle that i could sing haha) and he said he might be interesting in coming, and he came! all of the talks were completely inspired and for him, they were about Eternal marriage, an Experience in China (he's Chinese) and one related to science (he's a huge science guy). Needless to say my smile could not be wiped away by anything this sabbath day, it was incredible.
Have there been any great experiences this past week? Also, the baptism that you had in the ward, how were they found? are they doing well? Are you both enjoying your callings? i know that this is His church and that this life truly is the time to prepare to meet God, i love this gospel and i love this work and these people. I wish you well and will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers!
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd
"true spiritual power lies in numerous smaller acts, woven together in a fabric of spiritual fortification"

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