Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Aaron's email March 6, 2012

Dear Family,
It's great to hear from you and to hear about the exciting events of life and all that has been happening. That's great that Hayden was able to follow the example of our Savior Jesus Christ into the waters of baptism and enter into the covenant with Him. So his parents are members? Though less-active, it's incredible the support that they have for their son. I hope that your eye gets better Dad and i hope all goes well in mom's life as well, life seems to be busy and hectic.
That's great to hear about Elder Campbell becoming a Zone Leader! He is such an incredible, loving person that i know that those missionaries with whom he is called to serve among will equally love and respect him as well. I got a st. patty's day card from Carol today, and cards from the WC4th ward young-women and primary as well. I send my love and best wishes to them, they are a wonderful group. I hope that you both are liking the new ward and are getting along well and learning people's names and faces. I agree with your pride comment Dad, when pride rears it's ugly head, the spirit flees quicker than a goat before two lions, only when humility is present can the Spirit of the Lord dwell in abundance.
Alrighty! sorry i don't reply to everything but here we go! I promised that i would include excerpts from our Elder Zwick conference a couple weeks ago so here we go. one main principle that he taught us was ". . . and He will". now his wife had told a story of when they had been first called as a mission president and wife and the first day they got there in the mission home they received a phone call, it was one of their missionaries that had just been held at gun point in a church building that was then burning to the ground and he was calling from a nearby pay phone with just a suit-jacket on. how would you like that to be your first phone call? sis Zwick 
 was frightened, overwhelmed and terrified of the next 3 years that lie ahead and she said, "i can't do this", to this her 9yr old son replied, "don't worry mom, Heaven Father will help you" which the words of 1 Nephi 3:7 echoed in her mind to which came the principle and statement "i will not limit myself by what i think i am capable of, i will allow the Lord to expand my capacity. . .and He will". many times in life and in this work we limit ourselves to what we think we are capable of when in fact our Heavenly Fathers knows that we have so much more potential and are capable of handling, doing, and becoming so much more. I know this to be true and i know that as we do allow the Lord to expand our capacities, to step outside of our comfort zones, He will strengthen us in ways we could not even imagine, He truly will.
You may recall me telling you all about Oliver and that he was planning his baptism, well that will be happening this Sunday! He has been attending the YSA branch up here and has been taught by the sister missionaries, when preparing the program he requested that i be the one to baptize him and that my companion be the one to confer him. This is an incredible honor. There is one thing, i may be joining him in wearing the jump-suits as i may not be able to fit into my baptismal pants anymore. . . no need to worry about me being fed mom, the members of the PQ 1 and 3 wards feed missionaries REALLY well haha nonetheless it is extremely exciting and we are looking forward to Sunday.
Also this past week, we were able to begin teaching 2 individuals, Jen and Samantha. Both have very unique stories. Samantha requires a back story, a few weeks ago we had a lesson with our EQ pres and his family and asked if there was anyone that we could go see for him, he in turn gave a few names of some individuals that he had been worried about, we also challenged he and his family to a missionary challenge. It took us a few weeks to see the individuals, timing and catching them at home and all. but as soon as we called to follow up he sounded extremely excited and said "Elders, i just got done meeting your new referral". the ward had recently received records for an individual that just got out of the marines and so our EQ pres and his companion went and paid him a visit, while they were there, his girlfriend was asking a lot of questions and they invited them to be taught by the missionaries and since then we have had one lesson with them and are scheduled to have another this Sunday evening with them. Jen is one who has been taught by missionaries for years, her husband is less-active, and we went over and were a bit bold and invited them both to move forward in the gospel to which they accepted the invitation and we will be meeting with them on Saturday
This Sunday i was touch by the primary children singing their beautiful song for us of "my own little lamp" and "i want to be a  missionary now" in their singing time. The spirit was so strong and almost brought me to tears it was so incredibly powerful. Those little ones are the missionaries, the future leaders of the Church, and they are so pure and incredible.
Well family i have got to go but i hope that all is well and that you all have a fantastic week and keep safe! i love you all dearly and hope that the spirit will lead and guide you to those whom He has prepared just for you to be able to share the gift of the Gospel with. D&C 84:85, as you follow the spirit, i promise that you will be able to give "that portion which shall be meted unto every man" to that specific person at the time they need it. again i love you all so much. thank you for your love and support.
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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