Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Aaron's email 8/14/12

Dear Family,
First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!!  i do realize i'm a day late and a dollar short, but i had no way of telling you sooner so i hope you can accepts my apology and my congradulations as well:) it sounds like things are well with the family and that you had an enjoyable birthday and it definitely sounds like work is keeping you quite busy nowadays as well! that's great! i hope the parade of homes goes well for you too! How did the month of perfection go for you dad? i didn't hear how it turned out. i'm sorry things are slowing down in the work around your parts, it may be like you said "the dog days of summer" and i love what a member in PQ 1 said last sunday "you'll never get stronger if you only push against marshmallows"- in order to learn and become strongs we have to work and push against something that will push back right? something cool to think about, "a good plan executed violently right now is worth more than a hundred great plans put off until next week" food for thought:) and mom, that's great to hear that you are walking! great news! i hope school goes well and that you are continuing your therapy and following all of the great counsel you've recieved to help you in your recovery, LOVE YOU!
have you all created your mormon.org profiles yet? i know dad has! just following up!
We had THE most awesome lesson last night with Cheyenne!! it was so cool and the spirit was super strong!! This week we were able to teach at our Young Women's president's house and Cheyenne has been reading and praying and is through 1 nephi 15, she reads about a chapter each day. As, for her baptism, she is praying for a specific day in the month of September but hasn't quite set the day, she has a few in mind, but she's going to keep praying. So! our lesson was the plan of salvation and we dove into the scriptures with that one, it was great! Our Young Women's pres, also brought a less-active yw with her to participate and be there for the lesson and her son, Taylor had some friends over and they were able to come right at the end of our lesson for the a story about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. You may recall the conference talk that mentioned Big Tom and little Jim, well that story was made into a story book called "He took the lickin' for me" - and during that story was when the spirit rushed in and was super powerful and our YW pres bore powerful testimony after we finished reading and Taylor's friends asked us questions and we were able to teach them as well! what an incredible night it was!
Kai is doing well! He's such a little stud! He's only 9 and he seems to soak every part of the Gospel up and remember almost everything! His baptism is coming up here next satruday the 25th!
and miracle! you may remember me mentioning Korena a few months ago? the super-fan of David Archuletta? Well she experienced a tradgedy in her family and we lost contact with her for quite some time, until we were at dinner with a member who lives near her and she said "elders i have something for you to take over to Korena, David's new CD is out, and i have a 20% off coupon to deseret book, so after dinner you can take it over to her, i've been emailing her this past week, she's expecting you" and we went right over and Korena is doing well, she seems to be in better spirits and we will be getting together with her next week, because she left town this week as the last week of summer vacation. We are looking forward to that!
Jen is doing well, she left town as well this past week for the weekend until today and we were able to give her the updated version of the Gospel Library app (it's so amazing that it reads to you now!) and she loved that aspect because they were going for a LONG drive and she said she would love to listen to the scriptures!
Did i tell you about Elder Ballard's fireside? i believe i did, but did i mention that i sang at it? haha not a solo but with 4 elders and 4 sisters we sang an arrangement of Joseph Smith's first prayer, it was really a great song and i enjoyed the opportunity to sing that wonderful song.
Well family i love you so much and hope you have an amazing week!! i'll continue to keep you in my thoughts and prayers! Thank you so much for all your support and love and know that i know that Christ lives! He is our Savior, that he did take our lickin' for us and he asks that all we do is accept him and love him forever and show the evidence of our love through living His Gospel. I know that as we do, it leads to eternal life in His presence. Until next time.
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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