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Aaron's email September 4, 2012

Dear Family,
Drum roll!! new area is!! The Del Cerro ward in the San Diego East Stake!! We are right across the freeway from SDSU and the Chargers football stadium is just barely outside my area! This is my first biking/walking area so thank goodness for Elder Hansen and I going on runs in the morning!! haha but i do know that this is where the Lord needs me to be at this timemy companion Elder Brown. A little about him, he grew up in Northern Cal. but eventually moved to Utah for High School and he ended up being at SUU at the same time that i was there! He played for SUU's footall team and i ushered at the games, small world eh?? But he is awesome, he's a great missionary and i have a lot to learn from him as well! so question, do you remember in the MTC how i sent the smaller backpack home?? Would it be possible to send that back out here?? being on foot and biking i need something a little more travel friendly and compact, so will you please send that to me when you can?:) thank you i love you!!! Also here in the Del Cerro ward i have given the wonderful opportunity to serve as District Leader, this is a big responsibility and a tad nerve racking, but i know that those whom the Lord calls, He qualifies! OH and a little bit about the geography of my new area, it's SUPER hilly haha we live in the lowest part of the ward and to get anywhere we have to go UP, but it's fun and i'm sure it will be great for me:)
Kai, the picture that i sent with last weeks letter, i heard from Elder Hansen that he was in fact confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints this past sunday!! how awesome is that?? Kai is such a stud!! It was honestly such a blessing to be a part of his life at this time and i know that he will do great things in life, especially with the Gospel as a part of his daily life, he will see miracles. He's already a really smart kid, and i definitely look forward to seeing his growth in the Gospel.
Del Cerro update!
This past week was so awesome! It's so much fun getting to learn a new area and the people here are amazing as well! It's like a new start, yes there is certainly a learning curve, but i know that i'll get this down day by day, line upon line:) but this past week has been a whirlwind of incredible mracles and opportunities! Elder Brown and I were able to help a young couple move a couch into their appartment (which there are a TON of complex's in our area) and when we were finished she asked "do you have a church local here? do you also have a card that we can have the location? my husband and i are looking for a church to go to" another one of those "hold on a minute while i pick my jaw off the floor" miracles!! but we calmly responded "why yes we do, here's our card and our church services start at 10 am" to which they are planning on coming this sunday and we offered to share more about the Gospel and about Christ and they said that would be great. Super miracles!!
in the Del Cerro ward there are a few "dry mormons" as many people refer to them who are active in the chuch, but without ordinances and a couple of them, one of which being Bro. Jolly, had been attending sacramet meeting for some time (sound familiar?? sounds like Phil from PQ to me!) and he was invited by the missionaries to attend the gospel principles class for the first time. Our lesson was ch 4 "the freedom to choose" and after class he went up to Elder Brown and said "that was great, we'd love to have you over on tuesday, i'm excited to learn more" (can you IMAGINE how many times i've have to pick my jaw off the floor this week?? it's been innumerable!!) so we are going over tonight to have our first lesson with him and his family (btw he comes from a part-member family). I hope and pray that all will go well! and then there's Bro. Lung, another active without ordinances member and we stopped by sunday evening to their home to introduce "the new missionary to the ward" and we were able to set up an appointment for friday evening for Bro. Lung to start taking the lessons as well! how incredible! i know this would not be possible without the wonderful members o the ward being so welcoming and providing that fellowship for these individuals and also my companion Elder Brown, who had simply asked the question to these brothers if they would like to learn more about the gospel and take the missionary lessons. It has truly been a week of miracles that is for certain!! I am looking forward to serving here in the Del Cerro ward among so many wonderful members and those who are not yet members and also to serve with Elder Brown.
Dad i wanted to follow up and see how the work is going in your ward? i was reminded because we street contacted a gentleman yesterday who used to live in sandy, and we started talking about geographics of the area and he asked "do you know where the Candlestick apartments are there?" can you believe it?? he wasn't interested right now, but we invited him to church and it was just one of those reminders to me that i am where i need to be right now. But i wanted to comment on the work for just a moment, i do know that there are ups and downs in the work or as you put it, "the dog days" haha but i do know and can testify that we as full-time missionaries succeed best when we are a team with the ward. When everyone is on board to find those who are prepared to recieve the gospel. Because you as the full-time members of the ward can reach those who we as full-time missionaries cannot, we cannot go into a business and talk to co-workers about how our weekends were and share our testimonies of what our church teaches, yes we do talk to people who members may not normally associate with, but together, united as one, is when the work really explodes and moves forward so quickly! That's why i'm following up every week and continuing to encourage you to "pick a day" and follow the inspired counsel of Elder Ballard to prayerfully pick a day that you will have some one prepared to receive the gospel and to share it with the missionaries because we want to help. We want to see you succeed in your missionary efforts, yes there may be some experiences like unto Abinadi, but know that your efforts do not go to waste, your testimonies are and will and can effect the souls of many. I do and can promise you that the work will pick up as we work together and seek and call down the powers of Heaven in this His work. But i do hope and pray that the work is going well an that things pick up for you and for your missionaries dad. I know they will:)
Mom, how is the recovery going?? i hpe well and that you are able to walk better! i love you!!
I want you all to know how much i love you and love this work, i know that it is His work and that there are thos prepared and ready to recieve His word, sometimes, like we've expereinced, all we have to do is ask. i know that Christ lives and loves each of us, we are all brothers and sisters and This is the true restored gospel of Jesus Christ onece more upon the earth. Until next time, i'll keep you in my thoughts nd prayers.
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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