Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Aaron's email 2/26/13

Dear Family,

Thanks for the pictures!! Mom, you cut you hair! it looks great!:) and everyone looks happy and i hope you all return to full health soon! i did get the valentine/st patty's tie and shorts, thank you so much!! i hope that PTC's go well for you and you can make it! it's not your first rodeo;) 

Alrighty on to updates! and oh! that scripture that's been on your mind, believe it or not i am singing a duet with a sister missionary next month with that exact scripture in it! it's called "be still" coincidence? i think not:)
Linda is the big story for the week! so if i recall last week i told you that Linda has her baptismal date set for Mar 30 right? well at church on sunday she came up to us and said "i just realized, i'm getting baptized on Easter weekend! and i'll be able to receive the gift of the Holy Ghost on Easter! how cool is that??" i personally think that's totally awesome, something that will remain with her and us forever, that will be a very special day for her and hopefully her daughters as well! there were many members of the ward who introduced themselves to Linda on sunday and Sis Riewerts did an awesome job of inviting Linda to RS with her and got to know her and her story (sis riewerts is a new move and convert to the church) and that was Linda's 2nd time ever going to RS and she loved it! she said to us after church "i'm really starting to feel excited about everything!" which is so great! we know that being baptized won't be able to resolve all of life's challenges but we do know how much it will bless her life! we had a cool lesson with her and she said to us that she was blazing through Moroni during church and she committed to finish it before we get together this week. we reviewed the baptismal interview questions with her and she is certainly progressing in the Gospel and what a blessing it is to be able to be a witness, and testify of the Savior and see people's lives change, and to have Linda's experiences and testimony of the Holy Ghost is so humbling, i know that the Holy Ghost is real and it truly leads and guides us, for this is the Lord's work and He directs it through the power of the Holy Ghost.
Sariah is doing well too, she's such a smart girl! we'll be meeting with her tonight so more updates will come but we plan on opening up to the scriptures this week with her and helping her understand and see that they can apply to her and the blessings of reading every day as well.
Will you watch the new Mormon Message "mountains to climb" by Pres Eyring this week? i promise that you'll feel the spirit and be comforted in knowing that you are not alone in this life and that He is always there to help you overcome.
I want each of you to know how much i love this work and this Gospel, i love my Savior Jesus Christ, i know that He lives. I know that all that He requires is a willing heart and a willing mind, and once we're able to give our will over to His, miracles can and will happen, in our own lives and in the lives of others. I testify that this is His work, and it will continue to roll forth! i love you all so much and hope that you have a wonderful week! stay safe and warm and healthy! until next time!
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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