Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Aaron's Feb 5 2013 email

Dear Family!
It's great to hear from you!! i hope this week has been a great one! it's great to hear of all the adventures that you are having and thanks for sending the pictures as well! it's great to see you all! holy smokes Nolie and Lincoln are huge! ha ha and your hair is so long mom! you all look wonderful! ha ha thank you for your love and support and for all that you do for me out here, your prayers are felt and they are greatly appreciated! as for a decision for school. I've decided on the Business Finance major and we went through the prereq's and i don't have too much left to do but the upper divisions. i hope you have a great time in st George!
updates! i want to tell you what happened this past Sunday! what an awesome fast and testimony meeting it was! Elder Laxton and now Elder Brown has joined us (he's our companion for the week until transfers next week then we'll see what happens from there) and I are working with the active members of the ward and inviting them to create their family mission plans and set the goal of inviting one family to receive a lesson this year, and we're inviting them to share their experiences in sacrament meeting and this past Sunday every single testimony minus two were all about sharing the gospel and the experiences that they've been having in sharing the gospel and testifying to their friends and inviting them to their homes to feel the spirit. It was so cool! and Tom Bach made it to church and he's preparing to be baptized next Saturday Feb 16th! and Linda's also working towards March 16th too!
I also want to tell you about what happened to us last night. We had an appointment with sis Rarick, a LA in our ward and we initially thought it was going to be a "normal" visit and hopefully help her to strengthen and deepen her testimony and conversion to the gospel. Now she has two daughters and about 5 minutes into our lesson she said "you know, sariah hasn't been baptized yet, she just didn't feel ready when she turned 8" and then her mother asked her "would you like to meet with the missionaries and take the lessons?" to which she nodded and we were able to talk about the gift of the Holy Ghost and how it can help her in her life. she'll be turning 11 this month and we'll be going over tonight to share an awesome lesson about the Holy Ghost with her, we are super excited!
we also had a lesson with the Whittaker's and when we walked in Nick was there to greet us and he said "ah i probably won't be joining in on the lesson tonight" and so i was just talking to him about school and how things are going and then he said, "you know, i actually will be joining the lesson" and he was totally participating in the lesson. Now Nick had been baptized baptist about two weeks ago but in our discussion about the Holy Ghost and how we feel it and the difference between the power and gift of the Holy Ghost, Nick came to understand that he truly desires to have the gift of the Holy Ghost bestowed upon him and he wants to keep meeting and learning more. His little brother Josh will be a little more fun to help understand the gospel, and Jake is 9 and is really funny and fun to teach. What a great family! I'll keep you update with what happens with them as time goes on!
I want you to know that i know this is without a doubt the Lord's work! His hand is in this and he knows and loves us! each and every one of us! He is the Christ and He leads the church today. Thank you for all that you do i hope this week brings many blessings and miracles for each of you and have you had any missionary experiences lately? if so, i invite you to share them with me so i can share them with the members out here and I'd also invite you to share your experiences over the pulpit next fast Sunday. take care family! i love you!
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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