Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Aaron's Email May 15, 2012

Dear Family,
It was great to hear from you as well this past week and Mom, your comments are too kind, and i am certainly thankful for your kindness and support and am truly grateful for all that you do for me. thank you for being such an influence for good in my life. Tell sean hello right back for me and that's great that he's going into education, he is an incredible person, he is always so upbeat and happy and always sees the silver lining in every situation possible. and yes my neck size is a 17, it's not too tight, but not too loose either so a 17 will work, thank you so much. oh and before i forget, in zone conference the past week, we were instructed to spend one hour each week on mormon,org and set up and update our profile (which i do not have one so i will be creating one-so this being the source of my request) and for those profiles President Clayton has suggested that we put a picture on that is of ourselves before our missions. so, if it would be possible, could you send me a digital picture of me before the mission doing something normal? haha so i can then put it onto my profile? Thank you so much! by the way, Sister Leavitts number(s) is(are) 858-484-6409 and 858-243-6663. one is a home and the other a cell, i'm not sure which is which so i apologize but i'll be making up a box of sorts with things to be delivered and i'm sure that she would love to talk to you as well!
Update on the miracles!!
this past week has been full of them, one being that i was able to plan and prepare and be able to have the privelege to teach in zone conference this past week. as you know, Elder Hansen and i focused on the Role of the Holy Ghost; in each of our lives, in the lives of those we teach, in other's, and ultimately in our conversion. It was incredible to be able to learn the lessons that i had already learned earlier in life and be able to see how the gospel relates to every single one of those experiences. For example, following the Holy Ghost is somewhat like following that blue line at the bottom of the pool. It's always there, as is the Holy Ghost, we always much keep our eyes fixed on it, or be aware and searching for the Spirit everyday. and there's also a T at the end of the lane that tells you that you need to turn around soon! When we follow the spirit and recognize those "T"s in our lives, the spirit truly does direct us as to what to do and where we need to go and be. there are countless lessons in the game of golf that i have been taught, like when i started golfing, i had dad to coach me, he was always there, helping me learn the fundamentals of the game, we were with God before we came to earth, He helped us and taught us things we needed to learn in order to return to him. Dad knew that he would not always be with me when golfing, so he did everything he could to prepared to be able to play on my own, but he knew that those little phrases and reminders would be with me as i played such as "bend your knees, keep your head down, where are your shoulders pointed?" and many more. Our loving Father in Heaven sent us to earth, but he did not send us alone, he sent us the gift of the Holy Ghost that can be received after baptism and by the laying of hands by those in authority so that we too can have those "reminders" in our lives or in our game to help us through and succesfully return to Him through obedience and patience and perserverance. Thank you to both Mom and Dad for encouraging me to participate in those sports which helped me learn these life principles. and Dad, lately i've been reflecting upon "the yurf-dog putt" experience, that was an incredible day, i put everything that you had taught me about the game of golf into that putt and when i made it i couldnt' believe it!! it was incredible! It's like taking the step of faith and being baptized, we put all that we've learned into action and show our willingness to follow our Savior by being baptized and recieve the Holy Ghost and it's an incredible experience! but there are many more putts to come that we continue to act upon the things that we continue to learn about the game of golf throughout our lives. Baptism is not the end, we must continue to learn and apply and make and keep covenants in our lives so that we can continue to have these incredible soul soaring experineces.
Now after that tangent haha, Mondays are what i and many other missionaries is San Diego like to call Miracle Monday's! why, i will tell you why, because yesterday was an absolutely incredible day! Elder Hansen and i had the opportunity to take Bro. Hargrave, a recent move in to the 1st ward out with us in the evening. he is 25 and served in Honduras and he is incredible. We had the opportunity to contact some individuals and set up appointments to teach them more about the restored gospel, but the highlight of the night was stopping by Tony. Now a little bit about Tony, he is a neighbor to a Part-member family that we have been working with for a while, the Youkels. Tony found out that Bro. Youkel was going on a Father's and Son's camp out over the weekend and Tony wanted to come too. Bro. Youkel gave him our number and he called us and we were able to track down the number of the member heading up the camp out and pass along that information. As he began telling us about his experience, he was amazed! He was amazed at the unity of the Father's looking out for their sons, and Tony's son has autism and the Father's of PQ1 were watching out for little AJ the whole time. He was shocked at the clean camp ( no alcohol), and many other aspects he loved about the people and he asked bro. youkel, "is this just the cream of the crop of the church or what's the deal here?" and bro. youkel said "tony this is what the WHOLE church is like" to wich Tony replied, "i like this". He expressed to us his interest in the church and our beliefs and what makes us do the things that we do and were able to testify of the Savior and set an appointment for thursday at a member's home, the Northcutts, who also have an autistic son. Tony is sincere in his desires to learn and is an incredible person. We are looking forward to thursday!
I want you to know how much i love the Savior, i know that He lives, i know that this is His work, and I know with every fiber of my being that He loves each and every one of us and wants for each of us so badly to turn to Him and accept and allow the Atonement to take effect in our lives. The Atonement is real, it's never "too late" for Christ, for His arms of mercy are ALWAYS extended towards us. This church's head is the Savior and we have a living prophet upon the earth today that if we follow his counsel, we can draw nearer to Christ. the simple daily things, those small and simple things that we do, especially for others, help us to feel our Savior's love and help them experience the power of His love as well. It is my hope and prayer that we may all seek to "lift the hands which hang down" and comfort those that stand in need of comfort and invite them into our lives to partake of the wonderful gift of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
I love each of you so much and hope that you all have an incredible week full of miracles!! i keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. until next time,
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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