Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dear Family,
It's great to hear from you! it sounds like things are going well. as for the phone call this Sunday i will call around 4:00-4:30pm our time here, so i assume it's 5, 530 your time. I am greatly looking forward to it, I'll do my best to have questions at the ready for all of you, and i will be sending pictures very soon, hopefully this week. As for my email this week, it will be pretty much devote to mom, seeing as it's mother's day come this Sunday and i know that mom would probably like me to add to her memory book, this will be my "memory" this week.
Dear Mom,
     What a blessing it is to be your son, and to be able to have you as a mother, as my mother that i have been sealed to and we are a part of a forever family. I just wanted to take a minute and reflect back upon one of the many memories that i have of us together, upon reflecting on events especially while on my mission and our time together i have been impressed upon one particular experience. This experience pertains to laundry, now i know that you may think "great my son remembers that i made him do laundry all the time", not so. in fact, the times in my youth when we would fold laundry together are those moments that i remember most and I've prepared a few thoughts on this word:
L- laughter, in that special time we had together i always recall sharing a funny story, having a laugh and relieving the stress of the day with a moment to laugh.
A- acceptance, we always were able to talk openly and honestly, and no matter how ridiculous my problems seemed to be at the time, you listened and accepted me and my worries
U- unselfish love, i know that this time you took out of your life to spend with me, to teach me life lessons, and help me through anything that i was going through, i know that you really did do it for me and for my spiritual growth
N- nice, plain and simple. You taught me the principle of putting others above myself, service with a smile and doing so with a willing heart
D- dedication, you always had the time to be a full-time mom among many other callings and responsibilities. i hope you know that i truly look up to you, i noticed everything that you did for every single one of us and for the many others in your stewardship
R- relate, this is where you would tie whatever we were talking about to the Gospel of Jesus Christ, there truly is a lesson in everything, you have taught me that mom.
Y- yourself, your testimony, your love for the family and the gospel changed me and helped me along the path, i am so grateful for everything that you have done for me and i know with all my heart that you love me and that you also love everyone that you interact with.
     Now i could take this one step further and talk about my responsibility when it came to doing laundry, my job was Socks. I could go through and make another list of attributes, though i will save that for another memory:), and though my words may not make complete sense, i hope that you are able to decipher the message among my mess of words. Know that i love you, know that i care and have learned so much from your example. You truly emanate Christlike love and you are an example of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. I want you to know that I know of myself that He lives, the Atonement is real, He loves each and every one of us and i know that He loves you. I learned these things through hearing your testimony and through watching and learning from you every day. I am so grateful for you and i love you so very much. I know that we will be together forever.

As for an update on the work, Elder Hansen and i were able to teach Christie, who has been longing for change in her life, she has felt a need for something and we were able to testify of the Restored Gospel. Korean is doing well, we were unable to meet with her the past week due to her Father-in-law having a stoke and is now in rehab. We will continue to keep her in our prayers. Herbert is doing well, we will meeting with him and his family this week as well as calling from their home this Sunday, Elder Hansen will be Skype-ing his family due to long-distance call charges haha lucky dog. Again i love you and i will keep you and the grandparents and Ash in my prayers. i hope that your week brings happiness and joy, i know that joy truly comes from the Gospel of Jesus Christ and by following His example we enter in and follow the way that leads back to Him and the Father for eternal life.
I also was able to attend the temple today, what an incredible experience!!!
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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