Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dear Family,
I hope all is well and everybody is happy and healthy. I take it as a good thing that everyone is pretty busy, Dad with work and Mom with School, summer is quickly approaching and i know that everyone is making every necessary preparation for this season and i hope and pray that all goes well and that this week brings joy and peace and wonderful experiences.
To begin, we've had some really neat experiences with those whom we are working with this past week, I'll start with James, a 13 year old, i'm fairly certain i've talked about him before but i will tell you what happened this past week. We went over to teach James and his mom was waiting for us out front and said that James would be coming out in just a minute, a few moments later out comes james in a white shirt and tie, shined shoes, and he made his own "Elder" nametag (which was simply a black piece of paper with white crayon written on it and put in his pocket), it was the coolest thing ever! His mom took pictures and so we talked to james about being a missionary and we had him teach us a lesson based off what he has learned and experienced from coming to church and from meeting with missionaries in the past. He taught us about the Holy Ghost and about how important Faith is and then we taught him a "hold to the rod" object lesson in which we tied a rope from one tree in his back yard to the other end and placed objects in his path of "growth in the gospel" that will ultimately lead him to the savior. It was a really neat experience and James knows and understands the gospel, we are just working with his mom right now to reactivate and work towards some ordinances with this family. Herbert has been coming to church and continues to tell us the more he comes to church and reads and prays every day,  the more he enjoys it and it makes sense (hmmm Alma 32, the SEED??). We will be following up with him this week and helping them out in their yard as well this weekend. We also had a new-member lesson with Samantha and Santiago this week as well, we taught the plan of Salvation but gave everyone in attendance a portion of the lesson to teach which turned out to be a really fun lesson because everyone was able to bear witness of how they individually learned and gained a testimony of the Plan of Salvation and Samantha is nervous about her calling to the Relief Society enrichment board, but she has the support of the whole pq1st ward family. Phil came to gospel principles again this past week and asked some great questions! The lesson was about the Lord's covenant people and the new and everlasting covenant and amazingly Phil and Tom, are non-members in a part-member family, that lesson was truly inspired and both Phil and Tom were active and interested in the lesson, it was incredible to see. We were able to have our first lesson with the Forkas Family, the husband is a less-active member from the age of 14 and is now late 40's and has been wanting to become active and his daughters were interested in learning about the church and the gospel and his wife was also in attendance at the lesson and actively participated as well, we were able to teach them the Restoration of the Gospel and likened Prophets like unto Coaches seeing as both daughters have coaches, in softball, soccer, cheerleading, and many other sports. We are also currently working with 3 individuals and helping them learn english; melissa, sylvia and antonio, and i am quickly finding out how much the spirit is involoved in those lessons as well, we are working on teaching them through a program and through the Book of Mormon as well, i'll keep you posted on how things go!
If you could keep the Narvaez family in your prayers i would greatly appreciate it, they have recently had a tragedy in the family and the husband of the Family is struggling with the loss, i know that with the combined prayers we can call down the powers of heaven in the life of this family and they can recieve peace and comfort from the Lord.
I do apologize this week is a shorter one, but i want you to know how much i love and care about each and every one of you and hope that you all have a wonderful week and I know that our Savior, Jesus Christ lives, that He loves us and that love is manifest is so many different ways,. especially as we read from the scriptures, and pray daily. i know the Book of Mormon is the word of God and will help us through every hurdle and mountain to climb in this life. Until next time,
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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