Sunday, January 20, 2013

Aaron's email 1/15/13

Dear Family,

It's great to hear from you!  I can't believe Nate's homecoming is
this sunday! send him my love and give him a bear hug for me and tell
him i'll write him, sorry it's taking me forever haha.

updates real quick!

Bro Kevin Jolly was baptized saturday jan 12, 2013 and that service
was incredible! I had the opportunity to sing a special musical number
for his baptism and there was a great turn out from the ward as well!
he will be confirmed this coming sunday and he asked if i would be
willing to perform the confirmation, wow super humbling! he was given
the opportunity to bear his testimony after his baptism, and i have to
tell you, it was amazing! President Clayton attended his baptism and
he sent us a text that night that read "keep baptizing people like
Kevin!" to which we responded "yessir!" haha but in all reality his
testimony was stake conference worthy, he gave an amazing talk for
about 15 minutes and his testimony of the restored gospel is so solid!
what an amazing man he is and example to me! i will send pictures next
week, please remind me to as well!

Jordan is doing so great! we had a lesson with her this week at our YW
pres' house and we had her read 2 nephi 31 and had planned to teach
the Gospel of Jesus Christ and before we started the lesson we felt
prompted just to ask some simple checking for understanding questions
to see where she was at and guess what?? she already totally
understands everything about the first principles and ordinances of
the Gospel! so our discussion then became a more detailed, testimony
driven discussion with Jordan and she expounded on faith, repentance,
baptism and the holy ghost and what each meant to her and how it's
helped her in her life, and she knows what she has to do to endure to
the end as well! she's incredible and she's 12 years old! so close to
the spirit! she knows exactly what is and what is not from our
Heavenly Father and she seeks after those things that are! What a
humbling experience!

quick question, dad, could you send me my line of authority please?

oh! we mixed things up a bit and as a zone we're trying to keep things
fresh and exciting and we are always working to find people to teach,
so as a district Elder Laxton, Elder Roestenburg (who's from Sandy too
and went to Jordan) his companion Elder Delos Santos (from syracuse)
and Sister Brown (from Midway) and Sister Patterson (Logan) we
gathered together and busted out the sidewalk chalk and all together
drew the plan of salvation out on the sidewalk, it was awesome! all
the while talking to everyone that we possibly could who was walking
through the park! the sisters even started jogging with a guy who was
there and talked to him about the Plan, it was such a fun day! Elder
Laxton and i are working on coordinating some songs to sing at the
park and while we're walking around (he plays the guitar and ukulele
and sings too) so this week should be a blast!

Thanks for all that you do and Dad, i'm sure i will forgive you
someday for that text:) haha but thank you for understanding and
helping to keep me obedient out here, because we as mission need all
the blessings we can get, we've got to prepare for these new
missionaries that will be coming out, by the end of march we'll go
from about 170 to 190 misionaries and by the end of the summer should
reach our compliment of 250 missionaries! the Lord is hastening His
work! and i am so grateful to be  a part of it i love every minute of
it and i know it is His work! Christ lives and loves us, His atonement
is real and can help through anything, even to simply become better
today than we were yesterday, of that i testify. I send my birthday
wishes to Grandma, Anna and Jeff!! I love you all!
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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