Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Aaron's email 1/22/13

Dear Family!

Thanks for sending the pictures!! it's great to see all of you!! and
Holy Smokes Nolie is huge!! i can't believe how different she looks !
i still just have the mental image of me holding her as a newborn. I
hope everything works out with applications and such for SUU, as for
housing, i would love to live off campus, honestly anywhere as long as
it's affordable. i would prefer not to live on campus this time,
that's my only request. you may have to do some searching there but
return and report on what you find around town:) love you!! thank you
so much for helping me with this! i will do my best to get a letter
off to grandma, i've been a slacker, it's tough on tuesdays, the day
flies by and we're cramming to get things done. but i will do it!
Elder Laxton worked as a personal
trainer before his mission and we're working out good in the mornings.
also dad, could i possibly get my line of Authority??

Bro Jolly got confirmed this sunday and he asked that i be the one to
perform that ordinance and i have to tell you, what a humbling
experience that was, we had about 11 brethren in the circle and the
spirit was so strong in that meeting and during opening excersizes of
priesthood we came to find out (although we were still in
communication with him during the week, nonetheless) that his week had
been a rough one! He had some major darts thrown at him this week and
in his words "i know y'all said it was going to be tough this week,
but i didn't think this was coming" but he remained true and continued
to read and pray to withstand those firery darts and he said once he
recieved the Holy Ghost, everything that had happened and frustrated
him that week just melted away and he felt calm and peaceful. What a
guy he's seriously the man!

another cool experience was last night! we were called upon to go and
give some blessings to some sick children, we came to find out that
two had fevers of 103 and one was in bad shape and the sister told us,
i know you're here for a reason, you can heal my children, i have
faith in the power of the priesthood. so we along with a newly
ordained Elder proceeded to give her children blessings and each
blessing did contain that of healing and one her little ones, a 2 year
old had been down all day and did not want to walk around, he had been
carried around all day and when we blessed him, i could in reality
feel his head get cooler as we were blessing this child, it was an
amazing experience and after we had finished the blessing, this little
boy sat up, stood up and started walking around! His mother said, he
has not done that all day! to put the icing on the cake, one of the
sister's daughter's friends was there who was not a member of the
church but had been talking to them and wanted to see for himself what
a blessing is like. now Donavin explained to us that he's one that has
to see in order to believe things to see they are true, he said to us
"out of everything that i've learned and talked about with this
family, and seeing that, what just happened, that's my proof", so we
invited him to meet with the missionaries and connect what he already
knows within himself to be true with the teachings of the Restored
Gospel of Jesus Christ, it was an amazing experience!

ah i'm out of time for this week, i spent the bulk of my time looking
at the pictures! haha sorry it's so short but i love you all so much,
thank you for all that you do for me and for your love! i know this is
the Lord's work, He lives and the Priesthood is upon the earth once
more, that same power by which Christ worked miracles in the flesh,
miracles still happen today, of that i testify.
until next time,
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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