Sunday, January 20, 2013

Aaron's Email 1/8/13

Dear Family,

I totally understand the business of taking down Christmas and of
school getting back into session and work keeping you all busy as
well! that's wonderful! so good to hear! but i do hope that all is
well and that you have had and are having and will have a wonderful
week! Thank you for your love and support and encouragement, your
prayers are felt and i thank you sincerely. I have a new companion!
Transfers were on Wedensday and my new companion is Elder Laxton, he
is from Orem Utah and he played football and rugby before his mission
and believe it or not worked as a personal trainer at Gold's Gym for a
while too, he's ripped! he's going to help me get into shape!! and
he's a stud of a missionary too! what a great example he is to me! he
was originally called to the Phillippines and went through the MTC and
was in the Phillippines for about 2 weeks when he was doing a service
project and the ground gave out and he tore his maniscus and had to go
home for sugery and re submitted his papers and came out to san diego!
he seriously is the man! we've already found that we have a lot of
similarities and have made a bond so it's awesome and we're so excited
 for the work that's ahead! He is helping my faith to grown and
increase so much, he's teaching me so much and i am just stoked! it's
the best!

alrighty, updates!

Bro Jolly is getting baptized this weekend! we had a lesson with him
this week and shared his testimony with us and is just so solid! he's
the man too! he's got family flying in from texas for his baptism and
from northern California (all not members but totally supportive) and
i'll be singing at his baptism too, there is going to be a lot of
people there haha. But what a humbling experience that it's been to be
a part of his life at this time and he has truly gained a testimony
and understands what enduring to the end means.

the whittakers!
I want to share with you a most amazing experience that Elder Laxton
and i had this past week that pertains to our adding 3 new
investigators. First i am so humbled and grateful to be Elder Laxton's
companion, he is a great example to me and my faith has increased so
much the past few days just being with him, he is an incredible
missionary. Our faith is in the standard of excellence, these goals
were inspired by the Lord through you as our mission President and the
goal of 20 lessons a week set by an apostle of the Lord. We excersized
our faith in these goals and we set the goal to find 3 new
investigators, now we were working and seeing people and come sunday
night at 7:30 that faith was on trial. We continued to excersize that
faith in inspired planning and we went to visit the individuals whom
we had planned, by this time it was 8:00 and there was one more person
to see, the last possible time we visited the Whittakers and Nick, her
17 year old came to the door and let us in we were able to share a
message of faith and invited her and her boys (she's less active with
4 boys, one of which is autistic) and they all accepted the invitation
to learn. amazing! and our return appointment was last night which we
taught the Plan of Salvation and invited them to be baptized, now
interestingly enough sis whittaker excued her children and we had a
one on one with her and she filled us in on the details of what's
going on in her family. turns out the night we showed up, was the same
day Nick had gotten baptized baptist. Imagine that "coincidence" when
the elders show up on the very night. Inspired. there are other things
and we found her concern: she didn't feel loved in the ward. so she
invtied her kids back and (by the way her oldest is 21 just so you
aren't worried haha) and they all again accepted the invitation to
learn. the previous night we were able to give Josh a blessing who was
struggling with Physics homeword is ADHD and he needed help, we found
out last night that he was able to buckle down and power through it,
when on a normal night there's no way that would have been able to
happen, sis whittaker knew and knows there is power in blessings and
she also asked for one and we were able to give her one. what an
amazing , humbling experience. I love this work!
Jordan is doing well too! we taught her the plan of salvation and she
already knew it from sunday school! everything down to the degrees of
glory and what they mean! she's awesome! we are still praying the her
mother's heart will be softened enough to allow us to share the
message of the gospel with her family, i would invite you to join in
those prayers please.
we also had a lesson with Corrina, one of our other invesitgators that
has been off and on and hot and cold for a couple months, but we had
an aweosme lesson with her and sis mcdermott, her
neighbor/fellowshipper and we invited her to church and she brought
her 3 daughters to church as well! more updates to come as she

ah i love you but i am out of time! thank you so much for all that you
do and i know this work is true! it is His work! These are His
children! Christ Lives!!
until next time
Elder Aaron Jordan Lloyd

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